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High Pressure
09-26-00, 08:23 PM
When I bought my power washing business from someone, he told me he didn't have a license because it wasn't required in NY (Long Island).

However, the Consumer Affairs department has just sent me a letter stating I am in violation of the law and must apply for a license immediately.

The application asks for references for my last 5 years employment in a related job which would qualify me to have my own business. This is where the problem comes in . . . . I never worked in this field before buying the business. I'm just naturally good with this kind of stuff and learned by trial and error.

Question is . . . how strict do you think they are on having experience before issuing a license to me????


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09-26-00, 09:28 PM
I cannot speak for NY but here in California there is a key word that seperates having to have a contractors license and not having one.

The word is water BLASTING, if you do pressure washing no license required other then city business licenses.

Now to make it a bit more touchy, the PSI and GPM also come into play here, I think 10,000 PSI and 8 GPM or above becomes Blasting rather then pressure washing.

Also if doing blasting we need to have 5 years experience with proof from other contractors we have worked for.

I know of only one pressure washer who has a contractors license and he is on this board as a Moderator.

How about you guys from other states, what seperates the pressure washer from the water blasting laws and rules?


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High Pressure
09-26-00, 10:27 PM
Well, in NY, I don't think the difference of one word BLASTING or POWER WASHING will make a difference. I saw their laundry list of services that require a license and they didn't miss a trick. I think the county is just hungry for money and any kind of RESIDENTIAL service requires a license. Commercial work does not require one.

I was wondering, from those who have applied for a license, do you know if they actually checked your previous work experience references? I don't know if it's worth the chance of lying a little. I have the required insurance and business certificate which I feel is most important.

Your thoughts please . . . .


Georgia & George Smith
09-27-00, 03:20 AM
We applied for our business licences and supplied residential and commercial references but we had not officially been in business for five years, we still recieved them.When I applied for my contractors licences I simply had to pay my fee for taking the test and having it graded.I took it passed it and they sent my contractors licences in the mail to be renewed periododically.As for do they check your references I'm sure some states do but also understand that every thing they say you need does not apply to our type of work so do your home work.You've already gotten off to a good start by having your insurence.And yes any monies the state can get they will gladly take. http://www.powerwash.net/ubb/smile.gif (homework,homework,homework.) Georgia

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David Saulque
09-27-00, 04:42 AM
In California all business are required to file a factious name statement and have a business license in the community that you are in. I have one and that is with the County of Placer. Some city require a permit or something to that effect.

For now the State is requiring a State Contractors License to clean a outside surface with pressure of 5000 psi or blasting of sand or soda. This is the same type of regulated license a plumber has. The license, bond, books and assort. fee's were near $1500. What this does is that the state gains funds and represents the consumer. The consumer has the upper hand, if the contractor has taken advantage of the consumer. The state requires proof of Workmans Comp. along with insurance along with bonds.

Most of my work is done inside, whoever I do use a dry soda blaster and many of my customers are cities. The people I talk with say that it is just a matter of time before everyone will be required to have this Ca. State Contractors License.

I try to be as proactive that I can and is one way to keep in front of the pack of wolfs.



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High Pressure
09-27-00, 03:59 PM
I totally agree that a license is a very important factor in operating a business . . . it definitely makes you more reputable and trustworthy.

The main question I have is that I MUST list my last 5 years work experience with another company in this field that will qualify me to have my own business. I DO NOT have any references, I learned on my own. I was thinking of putting down a fictitious reference because I don't think they really check. What are my chances of getting busted???????? I have my insurance, business certificate and $300 check for them which I feel is the most important. They don't even give a test which leads me to believe they are just concerned about the $$$$.


David Saulque
09-27-00, 06:24 PM
I have no idea what the laws in NY are. If I were you I would make some phone calls today-PW dealer-other companys and so on. This give you a better idea.



Ken @ Pro-Coat
09-28-00, 02:05 AM
Here in Florida, when I applied for my paint contracting license over 15 yrs. ago, I had 3 customer's write letters of referral for me and also used 3 supply stores as doing busines with them for 5 yrs. time span. This was accepted; then in 1991 I took the test for County Competency License, and used that to get 2 other counties licenses. Once you take the test it pretty much is allowed to gain licenses in other counties, cities, etc. with out sitting and taking another test(s).
Check with your local code enforcement/building dept. to get the correct scoop on their procedures. BUT...don't lie on the application! It could come back and haunt you down the road. Get legit the right way.



Clean County
09-29-00, 03:59 AM
Hello fellow Long Islander, My business is located in Suffolk County where a business license is a must. If you advertise and you have no license you could be in for a big fine. As far as getting a license its no big deal. You must have your business registered in Riverhead, you must show proof of valid business insurance and then you have to past a test. Once this is done you pay $200 for the license which is good for 2 years. After that you pay again for another 2 yrs etc. As far as having any experience don't worry about it so leave that part blank. Just meet the above criteria and you will be fine. O'h yea don't lie on forms or in business because honesty will get you ahead in the future. Good Luck