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Thread: SoBrite Streamline 2000 - what can we do with it?

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    Default SoBrite Streamline 2000 - what can we do with it?

    We are a residential and commercial property maintenance company - do not currently do not offer power washing to our clients.

    I just picked up an equipment lot that included a Karcher diesel hot water washer we will use for cleaning equipment and a SoBrite Streamline 2000 cold water washer.

    From what I have found online the SoBrite was made for washing cars. It has a honda 5.5 motor and a 3.5gpm, 1000psi pump. See: Odor Control Systems I do not know much about power washing, but the psi seems low compared to most commercial units.

    We are looking to offer power washing (houses, decks, sidewalks/walkways, etc) to our clients in the future. Will this unit be capable or useful in any of those applications or should we sell it and look for a different commercial machine.


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    Feel free to give me a call to discuss your options.

    I believe the sobrite unit is more geared to car lots, it can
    be used for other applications deck cleaning, for building
    washing a higher volume GPM would be preferable.
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