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Thread: Clorox Outdoor

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    Default Clorox Outdoor

    Is anybody using Clorox Outdoor and if so are you running it through your pressure washer via the pickup. The bottle say in BOLD LETTERS do not use with pressure washer. Can someone enlighten me on this. Thanks

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    i don't know what chlorox outdoor is,but don't run chlorox through the pump. down stream only. it will corode the pump,and anything metal.

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    Ive used it, it works great. I mix it up the day im gonna use it per directions. I bought a 1 1.5 gallon bottle directions says that will make 30 gallons normal strength bleach. I mix it about double strength then add to my soap mixes the day of the wash job. It really works and is so much more economic over regular bleach. 5.95 for 30 gallons or in my case about 15 gallons regular bleach. I then downstream my soap mixtures and clean with warm water around 150 degrees or so. Remember bleach will also degloss some surfaces you may need to wax after the wash to enhance the gloss and protect the surface you cleaned.
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    mike, im sure your having succsess with the outdoor clorox but i find it near impossable that 1.5 gal equall's the strangth of 30 ga
    What is the % of SH in outdoor clorox?
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    I have used it quite a bit with good results......BUT i dont get where you can make 30 gals of bleach out of it, or 15.

    It does say MAKES UP TO 30 GALLONS, but they mean UP TO 30 gallons of cleaning solution, not concentrate.

    I mix it 1:2.5 (1 jug into 5 gal bucket and fill bucket with water)

    It works better than just bleach alone and you dont need to add any soap to it. It is not the most economical but it is easy to mix and effective.

    dont run it through your pump.


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