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Thread: restoring fading vinyl shutters

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    Default restoring fading vinyl shutters

    Has anyone had any experience with any of the products that claim to restore fading vinyl? I know Flood makes one. They dont have a good rep in this business though. I have a customer who wants his house washed and asked if I could restore his shutters. I think these vinyl restoration products are just cleaners and wax. I was thinking about just power washing the shutters and then applying a slightly stronger concentration of my house wax. What do you guys think?

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    There is only one good way to restore faded shutters....paint them. If they are faded, they are also oxidized. Being realistic, I personally don't believe any topical silicone or wax product can permanently restore worn, oxidized shutters.

    Take them off the house. Apply a liberal coat of a TSP based cleaner. Wash with about 500 psi.

    Apply a coat of good quality exterior paint, sprayed or brush, however you decide.

    It may even be cheaper for the homeowner to just replace the shutters with new ones that are factory colored.

    Visit a good builders supply shop and pick up some brochures and price lists.

    Nice new shutters can add a ton of curb appeal to a house. Sell the job based on that.

    Now you can offer the h.o. choices, and either way you can put some $$ in your pocket.
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    jnoden Guest


    I dont think that these shutters are so bad that they need painted or replaced. This guy has money and is just rying to keep his small palace in tip top shape. I was mainly curious about the vinyl restoring products out there and if they are any better that a good house wash and sealer. You make a good point though. If I ever need to paint shutters I will probably just look in to replacing them for the homeowner.

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    We have done 4 houses this year ( complete paint jobs ) I charged 30$ per shutter to take off/paint/& reinstall. Thats 60$ per window. I sell them on the fact that there shutters already has the holes in it , and it would take alot of time to match the same hole on the house if they went with new ones.< I spray also them .. >

    The best part of bidding your jobs ...........is becoming a salesman
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