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Thread: chlorine resistant pumps/sprayers

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    Default chlorine resistant pumps/sprayers


    I need a new pump to spray chemicals but am concerned about chemical resistance, and hoping there are some success stories out there.

    Currently I use a hand pump which is lasting well but is very slow, previously I had a small electric pump (surflo) but this could not cope with chlorine (runs through the pump at about 2% to 3%). I have spoken with the wholesaler/distributor who says that while the product guide claims the seals and diaphragm will cope, but not at that concentration. Other pump/chemical specialists have product guides that don't recommend viton, but instead recommend teflon.

    I've searched and scoured these forums and found that lots of people use a Surflo to spray chlorine at up to 6%. There was also a mention of replacing the seals & diaphragm with something that would last.

    Please, is anyone able to enlighten me on how long the pumps last and what the new insides are made from/where can I get them?

    My other option is a water powered dosing pump (Dosatron, Dosmatic) but while this has the advantage of no battery & only carry concentrate so no huge containers, these are much more expensive.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    surflow offers neoprene, epdm and viton seals and diaphrams.

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    Default viton best for chlorine?

    Thanks J

    I've examined some chemical compatibility charts and viton is the most common seal material recommended. Both Shurflo and Flojet have pumps with viton seals and diaphragms, is that what you all use?

    How does the plastic (polypropylene) pump body last? as one of the pump manufacturers builds with polypropylene but actually recommends polyethylene for sodium hypochlorite.

    again, thanks for advice/benefit of your experience


    Brisbane, Qld, Australia


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