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    “Coming Together for Clean Waterâ€￾ The EPA & CWA Strategy to Protect America's Waters

    Thank to Robert Hinderliter for providing me this information:
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    WalMart Dissolves Relationship With USM in at Least 14 States

    WalMart Dissolves Relationship With USM in at Least 14 States
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    An easy tool to check your website's indexing

    Tip of the Week: Check Google to see if you've been indexed Ever wonder exactly what Google has indexed on your website? Google has a simple 'switch' that will show you exactly what they have been able to index on your site. Here's the syntax for using the site switch...
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    Tragic week

    Thursday on of my best friends calls me to inform me that he found his brother hanging from the ceiling at his home. His brother has had problems with drugs over the years, and that destructive behavior continued, but no one had any anticipation he was suicidal. Then, last night, a two great...
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    What really happend in Houston, Texas

    Reported to me by a fellow compliant, environmentally responsible contractor: Standard Parking hired a pressure washing company to clean 4 parking garages for a client in Houston. A pressure washer who had compliant equipment didn't get the jobs, a non compliant pressure washer did. The...
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    Valentines Day true meaning, and lasts 365 day a year

    I am not a religious man, meaning I rarely attend church. But I am a man of God, believe in His words, and believe in the power of prayer and belief. His words, and the message from a great friend of mine, written below, are words to live by, each and everyday. I freely express love and...
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    Your final text message

    If you text while driving, please watch this short video. If it doesn't make you change your habits, there's no hope for you. But please don't take anyone else with you. Please share with your children, your friends, family and colleagues.
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    Great speed trap video
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    Some day's you're the dog and some day's you're the fire hydrant
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    Unavailable for the near future

    Just received the call I've been dreading for years. My father just passed away and Jayne and I will be heading to Chicago, maybe tonight or in the morning. I ask you all to keep us in your prayers and until further notice please respect our privacy while we mourn.
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    Truck spills hazardous material on Loop 101 in Glendale

    Can you imagine the fines and negative news coverage if your reclaim rig spilled sludge or (as this story sounds like) gray water ? Truck spills hazardous material on Loop 101 in Glendale
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    Just found this new site to mix and create videos. Animoto - The End of Slideshows <object id="vp1k91WV" width="432" height="240" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000"><param name="movie"...
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    "Pressure Washer" vs. "Power Washer"

    "Pressure Washer" vs. "Power Washer" You have probably already learned that "power" is synonymous with "pressure" when searching for information about high-pressure cleaning equipment and services. What you may not know is that one of these terms is more commonly used than the other. This can...
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    Verizon service, unbeatable coverage

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    Sirocco's new and improved 40" vacuum spinner

    Jerry just emailed me with the first picture of the just revealed new and improved 40" vacuum spinner. Do not have the spec's yet, but am anxious to see it in action. Brackets will allow to be mounted to a riding mower, similar to the Swaby. I am planning on taking a trip down to Jerry's...
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    Mega Millions

    I'm pretty sure I already have the winning ticket for tonights 330 MILLION dollar payout, but not being a self centered, selfish kind of guy I thought I'd offer to hedge my bet with my friends and colleagues here on PWN. So here's the deal, purchase a $10.00 Mega Millions ticket before...
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    Business Cards

    I used Vista Print I think since Vista Print first sent me an email 10 years ago. Someone about a year ago turned me on to GotPrint They are located in California (I think), in the USA anyways (Vista Print ships from Canada). Unlike Vista Print, Got Print doesn't try and up sell you...
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    Vehicle business card holders

    I bought about 10 of these about a month ago. Have them on both vehicles and enclosed trailer. Just realized this morning I needed to restock the business cards. Each one hold probably 25 to 30 cards. I think I paid like $6.00 each for these little gems. The guy who sells them claims he's...
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    Personal Privacy Warning - FYI

    I was amazed when I learned about the following link: People Search | White Pages | Find People | FREE! You can opt out and have your personal information removed at this link: Spokeo | Privacy I've been told this is just one of many sites like this out there. My life is an open...