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    learning to reduce image test
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    Reflective Lettering

    Hi All, A week or two ago, someone on one of the BBS was wanting a picture of sign letters that would show up at night when lights hit them. I searched quite a while but couldn't find the thread so I thought I would post it here. Maybe they'll see it. The picture was taken at night, no...
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    New equipment setup - advice wanted!

    After reading a lot of post on this board and others, I am almost ready to purchase my "rig" and start my business. Before I do, I was hoping to hear what some of you think about it. Please make any suggestions that you think would be helpful or would be an improvement! I've learned a lot...
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    Which equipment is best?

    Hello all, I'm a real newbie . . . but I've read a lot of this board the last few days and it is a great resource! I'm almost committed to opening a PW business but I can't decide what equipment to buy. I'm convinced a hot-water setup with a high gpm is best and will make the work easier...