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    White concrete?

    I have read here before that some of you guys use bleach on concrete just to brighten it up. I have a residential job to do tomorrow and I plan on applying some bleach and was wondering what mix do you use and application. I was planning on using a chemical sprayer 1 gal bleach 2 gal water and...
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    New Trailer Stickers

    I just got them today if you guys could check them out and let me know what you think.
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    Cleaning concrete specifically oil stains

    Just did my first gas station job and it went very smooth. I used purple power on the oil stains and scrubbed it in did that about 3 times and it just lightened it up. Is there any tips to make this easier and also what chemicals do you guys use to clean concrete I have been using straight water...
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    Did a job today left and went to a gas station got a bite to eat not in there 15 min. Came out one of my hoses were cut like they tried to take it and my surface cleaner which is locked to the trailer was taken advantage of. I have a 24" steel eagle with the deublin swivel. They took the swivel...
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    whitco pressure washer does anyone know

    I am looking at purchasing a whitco pressure washer its 3000psi 4galmin with heat and a 13hp honda price is 1500 works good and is in good shape. Does anyone have any suggestions on this brand. Is it reliable. The price seems good. Please help. Hero II 4030 is the model that closely resembles it
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    Hello everyone My name is Luke Ive been powerwashing for about 3 years now mainly for family and neighbors. Decided to legitimize my self and see where it can go. Any advice tips or concerns would be greatly appreciated.