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    PWN Facelift In January 2011

    I love it here not because of the looks or the seo. We have a great group of people here and above all that is what makes this a great place without the B/S. No complaints and thanks Mark for doing what you do already.
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    Taking the Week Off

    Merry Christmas, hope you and everyone else have an excellent season.
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    White concrete?

    Cleaning I was afraid of putting the chem down and it having some spots whiter than others
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    Pressure Wash in Berkeley vid

    I like the video direct and effective. How difficult is it to seal concrete or rock?
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    White concrete?

    I have read here before that some of you guys use bleach on concrete just to brighten it up. I have a residential job to do tomorrow and I plan on applying some bleach and was wondering what mix do you use and application. I was planning on using a chemical sprayer 1 gal bleach 2 gal water and...
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    Text Message Advertising

    I hate texting but it really is more efficent and on the plus side you can avoid hour long conversations about if its going to be 77 or 78 degrees today. We all have thoes customers they just love us
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    December 16th - Friday Motivation

    Words of wisdom are a great thing to wake up to. Last night I bit the bullet and decided to leave my nice cushy job so I can devote all of my time to pressure washing. Wish me luck.
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    Wish me luck

    Its not that bad man I had shoulder surgery sept 1st 2010. A week after i enjoyed the drugs then I had some time to discect my business. By Oct 10th I was washing again. 40 days is tough without work but it gives you time to think and relax.
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    X-Jet Question

    I dont use them either wasted about 1hr trying them then stuck em in a box.
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    New Trailer Stickers

    Yea i wish I would of went a little wider on the font and the website is being made just didint have time to put it on. I have another of the other side and partial rear.
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    New Trailer Stickers

    I just got them today if you guys could check them out and let me know what you think.
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    Commercial Contracts

    No problem a few of the basics. What they will be cleaning some proposals have check boxes I prefer to put it in writing exactly what I am going to do its more personal. Consistency of services and usually it runs a year. One of the most important things is the disclamer he will probaly need to...
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    Commercial Contracts

    Hey alllison is there any way you can post the pdf so we can see what you are working with
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    Who's on FaceBook?

    Just got on facebook it can't hurt we will see where it goes. Does anyone use twitter?
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    Cleaning concrete specifically oil stains

    I am currently using hot water and a 24" steel eagle. Just getting started out in the business though I am timid about putting anything down. Carlos the sw looks like it works really well though.
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    Cleaning concrete specifically oil stains

    Just did my first gas station job and it went very smooth. I used purple power on the oil stains and scrubbed it in did that about 3 times and it just lightened it up. Is there any tips to make this easier and also what chemicals do you guys use to clean concrete I have been using straight water...
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    Did a job today left and went to a gas station got a bite to eat not in there 15 min. Came out one of my hoses were cut like they tried to take it and my surface cleaner which is locked to the trailer was taken advantage of. I have a 24" steel eagle with the deublin swivel. They took the swivel...
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    whitco pressure washer does anyone know

    I am looking at purchasing a whitco pressure washer its 3000psi 4galmin with heat and a 13hp honda price is 1500 works good and is in good shape. Does anyone have any suggestions on this brand. Is it reliable. The price seems good. Please help. Hero II 4030 is the model that closely resembles it
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    Stunning Senior Moment

    I think everytime someone opens a internet browser this should be on the main page. Maybe that will get the message across.
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    Hello everyone My name is Luke Ive been powerwashing for about 3 years now mainly for family and neighbors. Decided to legitimize my self and see where it can go. Any advice tips or concerns would be greatly appreciated.