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    Has anyone franchise their business. I'm close to selling a franchise in the St. Louis & Memphis area. Just wondering if anyone had any input based on experience or reading, etc. I've research it, received attorney advice, the whole 9 yards - but would like some first hand experience on it. Its...
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    Have you guys try this?

    Last year - I scouted different neighborhoods. It against the law to attach flyers to the mailboxes & I didn't want to walk door to door to hang them - so I did the following: Went to the local newspaper office and bought some plastic newspaper wraps. Rolled my flyers up and stuff then...
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    My Logo

    I created this about a 1 1/2 yrs ago just now posting What do you think - good and bad comments welcome.
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    Received a bid to restore approx. 238 storage doors (Alum). The owner wants me to give her a bid on applying a protective coating to the doors that is suppose to fight oxidation. The owner has already purchase the stuff - Has anybody heard of PENTROL sold by Lowes? Is this stuff hard...
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    Food For Thought

    What sets your ad apart from the others? Yellow Pages --- Hold the phone book page back - Does your ad jump out? What makes your ad jump out? Logo, Slogan, Color Background, etc. Does your ad send a message of Security to the customer...
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    Storage Doors

    Given a bid on washing 237 storage doors - has oxidation. Owner wants them wash so they can apply some chemical themself to help with the oxidation. Doors are 10ft by 8ft aluminum. When I wet my finger and rub them, the white powder comes off but some of the brown paint comes off too...
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    Commercial Surface Cleaning

    I have been contacted by gas station and a chain resturant to clean. The gas station wants me to clean their parking lot and around their pumps on a contract basis. The resturant wants me to clean their outdoor patio and around dumpster - lots of black from foot traffic. I have a cold...
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    Red Brick Patio

    I going to clean a red brick patio - has dirt, grime, mold, and black stains. Would a percarbonate base cleaner do the job? I have a cold water machine (4gpm 3000psi) machine. What do you suggest using as a chemical?
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    Wood Fur On Windows

    Wood fur dry on windows - I have been scraping it off. Is there a easier way?
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    Mold on painted deck

    Customer is moving - has painted deck with mold. Can the mold be removed without damage to paint. I will do a test spot first - I'm thinking of using a diluted percarbonate base cleaner with 40 degree tip - let the chemical and water volume (not pressure) do the work. Am I on the right...
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    Pressure Washer Problems

    Pressure Washer Problems - Pressure Pro Purchase a 5.0 hp Honda Engine pressure washer with a E2520! AR Pump Eagle Series Pressure Washer. 2000PSI 2.2GPM Pressure Washer is from Pressure Pro out of Florida Problem: Get the washer in - put proper oil in system per engine manual -...
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    New Cedar Deck

    How long would you suggest waiting to seal a newly built cedar deck? Using Ready Seal
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    One water spicket?

    Got a bid on a log home: Only one outside spicket & I want to run two units. Has anyone ever put a splitter on the spicket and had two machines hook up to on spicket? What would be the difference in that and having two different spickets on a home hooked up to two machines? Any other...
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    Help please-Equipment

    I have a 11hp honda engine. About a week ago, the unit would not start. It seem like it was not getting fuel, but I open the plug on the sump beneath the carborator and fuel came out, when I turned the fuel lever on. It was getting ignition. Took system to honda repair shop - the said...
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    Asphalt Roofs

    Has anyone ever use a percarbonate base (Oxygen Bleach) on asphalt roofs? If so - Did it work well? If not - Do you think it will work well? I used a percarbonate base cleaner and oxalic acid to brightnen on my wood restoration -- just thought I would give it a try on asphalt...
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    Low PSI

    I have a 11hp Honda 3000psi 4.0gpm I bought the unit used and replaced the broken guage. The psi gage reads no more than 2000psi at full throttle. Once again, new at this-any advice on how to get the unit to reach 3000psi. The prev owner rebuilt the pump last year. The engine...
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    Wood Shake Roofs

    I've read the search - not much info about restoring wood shake roofs. This is something that I am extremely interested in doing. Who is the expert around here? The money seems to be good in restoring wood shake - Why is there not more talk about it? Does anyone specialize in it...
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    Stained Wood Siding

    Got a call to give an estimate - Help please? Stain has faded and mold and mildew noted. I was thinking of using a Sodium Percarbonate to clean and a Oxalic Acid to brightnen (Thanks Greg). Would you estimate this like a regular house wash (ex. $ per linier foot) or more? Will...
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    Housewash Estimate-Any Advice

    I've been called to give an estimate on a split level home with a detach two car garage - the home owner also wants the windows cleaned. The siding is painted wood - being new to the business, this worries me more than for example brick or vinyl siding. First-- How would you bid it? $_...
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    Homemade Cleaning Recipes

    Anyone want to share their Homemade Cleaning (Chemicals) recipes with the rest of the board? What your ingredients and mixture? Is there a reason why you use certain ingredients? What do you clean with it? Is it as good as Chemicals bought?