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  1. New Look

    Pay Pal

    PayPal mobile app updated with new UI and ability to add credit cards to account via photo...... PayPal mobile app updated with new UI and ability to add credit cards to account via photo
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    Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Wash in Oakland, CA

    Big 2 story house in Oakland. Old Victorian style home - house has not been pressure washed for about 9 years according to the home owner. Gutters were pretty filthy and the side of the house had a layer of black dirt laying on it. No ladders used at all. Applied chems from the ground and...
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    Dumpster pad/concrete cleaning in Sacramento, CA

    Commercial client in Sacramento, CA was liking this. Restaurant dumpster pad cleaning in Sacramento, CA for one of our monthly accounts. The other pics (grease bin) was for our client down in the Los Angeles area. Results came out pretty good.
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    Pressure Wash in Oakland, CA

    Shot a video in Oakland, CA on EBC showing the end results of a pretty dirty and old Victorian house. Mix was NMT 16 oz's of EBC to a 1/2 gal. of SH (10%) to a 5 gal. pail of water.
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    Pressure Wash Driveway in Alamo, CA

    Did this a few weeks ago and love the results. Pressure wash services were performed in small town called Alamo near Walnut Creek, CA Shot EBC with SH and surfaced cleaned and rinsed. There was heavy algae on the job. Did a first pass with just the surface cleaner to take a bite out of all...
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    HydroTek Skid from Easy Clean Systems

    Mark, All I can say is thank you for the top notch customer service. While I was on vacation last week Mark from Easy Clean was busy getting "The Beast" (that's what he calls it lol) ready for me. When I got back to the U.S. I had these pics on my phone. HydroTek 3500 PSI 8 GPM...
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    Fleet Wash Lead

    I have the toughest time finding washers that do fleets in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a lead on bi-monthly fleet job. 50+ of a combination of vans, trailers and etc. If you know of anyone have em hit me up.
  8. New Look

    A New Line of Soaps - Video from initial testing!

    Testing continues with Enviro Bio Cleaner but the initial results have been very positive. Enviro Bio Cleaner is a Multi Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser. March 2012 is the anticipated launch date.
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    A New Line of Soaps

    Today marks yet another milestone in New Look's history books. Our company is officially in the wholesale business. We have a chemical plant that has formulated soaps/chems that we and others strongly feel confident the line that I will be introducing will be an asset for the Pressure Wash and...
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    Snail Mail - A thing of the past?

    Is snail mail a thing of the past for marketing? Would love to hear the opinions from both sides of the discussion. We all know the current plight of the USPS but regardless of their financial health or lack there of it would seem logical that direct marketers would shift the focus from snail...
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    7 Garages Need Cleaning

    Was asked to bid on 7 garages. We don't do them but have the info and locations. 5 in N. Calif. 1 in Central Valley and 1 in S. Cali. If you do garages in this state and are interested, hit me up on my email at or post your email address here if you are interested. I...
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    Vacaville, Ca - Pressure Wash

    The New Year brought our pressure washing services back to Vacaville, CA. Nothing really special about the job except that it came out good and the customer was pleased. We have been hitting the commercial contracts consistently in 2011 and it felt great having a change and doing a house...
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    Filter Recommendation

    Looking to add some type of filter that I can attached to the tip of my intake recovery (See pic). I am not looking to reuse this water or get it down to the 5 microns that I read about so much. The reason I want to add this (filter) is to make sure that if something accidentally slips by my...
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    Pressure Washing in Berkeley, CA

    This was an enjoyable job I did over in Berkeley, CA early in the season. Customer called and said that she called a few contractors but they never showed up to giver her an estimate. Anyway, gave her a price range over the phone as she needed to get this thing cleaned because it was a rental...
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    Merry Christmas PWN

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you that participate here. Appreciate the level of professionalism. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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    A Message to Ron and the Future BOD's of the UAMCC

    It would appear that the UAMCC is on the eve of some much needed support and direction. It is difficult to put in words all the "twists and turns" the UAMCC National Organization has experienced over the past. I wrestle, even in this post, with the right words to convey to Ron and the future...
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    BBS Recommendation?

    I am launching a new Bulletin Board 1n 2012 and am somewhat familiar with Vbulletin as it is the common one around our industry but wanted to see if you knew of any other programs (Forums) that have some neat bells and whistles on them? Thanks
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    If you had a Crystal Ball.........

    ......what do you see for the future of our industry in 2012-2013? [wink1]
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    Concrete Cleaning in Los Angeles

    Posted these over on FB but thought I would plant them here also. Did this job a couple months ago down in Los Angeles. One of monthly's. Came out good.
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    Best of Luck Doug & Ron and the Rest of the BODs

    Hey Doug and Ron...I wanted to offer my congratulations to and also thanks for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to serve on the BOD's. I do wish the both of you and the entire NEW Board the Best.