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  1. Mike Hughes

    It's been a long time.....

    Now, that was funny! I bet only one out of a hundred people that read that will remember what you're talking about....... What are you doing with yourself if you sold everything?
  2. Mike Hughes

    Where do retired Power Washers go?

    They go somewhere to be warm and dry! I don't want to hijack Jon's thread here, so visit mine at
  3. Mike Hughes

    It's been a long time.....

    Hi there, everyone! I was inspired to visit this board today when I received a "Happy Birthday" email from the PWI board. It occurred to me that I never updated my email address on this board, so that would be why I didn't receive the same email from here. So, here I am. I thought I...
  4. Mike Hughes

    Zebra stripes/shadowing???

    Be careful, because in some cases there is nothing you can do about it. Often times they use the very cheapest, low quality aluminum and coatings on those surfaces, and you can very easily completely remove the finish if you're not careful. Try a test patch before you do a large area...
  5. Mike Hughes

    1989 Ford E-350 Box Truck For Sale

    I am selling my box truck. Lately all it has been used for is gutter cleaning, which I can do with any size van........I dont need this big of a truck. It's a 1989 Ford E-350, 5000 miles on a rebuilt 351 V8 (gas) engine, Automatiic, 145K, 14' box, white in color. Dual rear wheels, roll up...
  6. Mike Hughes

    Asking for trouble

    I have no way of knowing for sure, but I honestly feel you would be dead wrong about your assumption of his identity. While years ago there were disagreements about rules, and some disrespect shown by said "guy"..........there was never even a fraction of the negativity in that...
  7. Mike Hughes

    condo ?

    I hope he did, but most likely he didn't. They're hard jobs to get because almost anyone can do them. The tricky ones, such as townhouses that are 3 stories high on one side, are easier to sell.
  8. Mike Hughes

    "A PWNA conversation"for members and non members

    There actually is a limit in the bylaws of the PWNA as to how many board members are allowed to be distributors, etc. There are many more people on the Board of Directors that don't distribute/manufacture then you think. There are two ways to look at everything. Having distributors...
  9. Mike Hughes

    Ahhhhh man What the heck happen!!

    Also be sure to update your virus definitions. I keep mine on "Live Update" and it does it automatically. You have to pay for that service every year, or upgrade the software and you get it for another year. Every spring I buy the new version, and get it most of the time for free...
  10. Mike Hughes

    Trying to know as much as possible!

    My local water company has a bulk fill line at their headquarteres............its a 2 inch line, fills my tank in no time. They charge 5 cents per gallon, and a minimum charge of $10 per month. I almost never fill it there though............mostly, I just leave a job with the same...
  11. Mike Hughes

    Ahhhhh man What the heck happen!!

    Wow, keep the kids off your pc then :) And don't forget to keep updated Anti-virus protection..........I prefer Norton. I'm glad that worked out for you.
  12. Mike Hughes

    New posts since last visit!

    Dan, I was going to point that out the other day..........but I thought maybe your old hack had more detail then the standard link provides.......Oh well........I should have said something I guess.
  13. Mike Hughes

    condo ?

    Thanks, Dan. I'm heading to the hospital now that I got my other son taken care of. My wife got little sleep, but Kyle is doing better. They are doing more testing today, and he should be home sometime tomorrow. Catch you later. P.s 2 years and a 7 months already...
  14. Mike Hughes

    Ahhhhh man What the heck happen!!

    Dan, Try a program called "Spybot". I think I downloaded it from Actually, here is a link directly to the download site: As far as pop ups, I use the google
  15. Mike Hughes

    condo ?

    I forgot..........heres a picture of Kyle when he was a day old. I have others, but not in the right size to post......and I'm not messing with that now. :)
  16. Mike Hughes

    condo ?

    Dan, Good to see you too. Glad to see you went to V3 as well. I've been messing with V3 since winter time for my new bbs............but we just recently upgraded PWI since V3 went gold. The other board is still on Release Candidate 3. Yes, as a matter of fact, our second...
  17. Mike Hughes

    Growing into Your Equipment

    I rent a garage on a local farm. He has several garage buildings........and built a new one last year. The garage he was building was to be 50' long and 36' deep.........with four 10' wide overhead doors. Before he started construction, I asked him to put an overhead door on the short...
  18. Mike Hughes

    condo ?

    Discount it for sure, or you will never get the job. Use your best judgement. Try to determine how long each building will take you and price it out by time. I'm not suggesting you give an hourly rate. Use the amount of time you think it will take to determine your price per building...
  19. Mike Hughes

    David Saulque's New Rig

    David, Is this the first truck you have had with a lift? How did you offload/load the equipment previously? The vehicle looks great overall...........I wish you well with it.
  20. Mike Hughes

    Bidding on apartment complexes

    I really cant say much more............thats the way we do it, and I clean a lot of gutters. I use rubber gloves........and I can get almost anything out of them with my problem. No power washer or hot water necessary. Often times i have one person putting the water...