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  1. Mark 2017 Parts & Accessories Catalog

    To download or view the 2017 PWZ Parts & Accessories Catalog Click here:
  2. Mark

    Look Before You Pump

    Look Before You Pump More Info: OPEI: E15 Gasoline Unlawful and Unsafe to Use in Outdoor Power Equipment
  3. Mark

    Pressure Washer, Truck & Trailer Fire

    NORTHPORT – A 2005 Chev extended cab truck and an attached trailer were destroyed by fire on the wharf in Northport Thursday afternoon. Truck, trailer burn on Northport wharf - Local - The Journal Pioneer
  4. Mark

    Help Send Danielle to Africa

    HELP SEND DANIELLE TO AFRICA My daughter Danielle is planning a Mission Trip to Africa in January. If you would like to help Danielle go on this mission trip you can donate here: " Hi I'm Danielle McIntyre and I have to opportunity to go...
  5. Mark

    New Owner Of Power Wash Network

    I would like to take a moment and announce the new owner of the Power Wash Network. Effective July 29, 2015 Doug Rucker is the new owner of this forum. Doug has been a faithful moderator on the PWN over the past few years, and has been fair with all members, I think Doug will do a GREAT...
  6. Mark

    Easy Clean Systems Merges with Steam Cleaners Inc. Sacramento

    On Tuesday August 18, 2015 I sold Easy Clean Systems to Ditkof Enterprises, Easy Clean Systems then merged with Steam Cleaners Inc. Sacramento. New location will be Easy Clean Systems / Steam Cleaners Inc Sacramento 2116 19th Street Sacramento, CA 95818 916 638-0828- 800 292-EASY...
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    Article: Pressure Washers Guidebook

    You can view the page at
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    Pressure Washers Guidebook

    <a href=""><img width="200" height="200" title="Cleaner Times Pressure Washer's Guidebook" alt="Cleaner Times Pressure Washer's Guidebook" src=""></a> <i><b>Click on book...
  9. Mark

    California Drought Continues Year # 4

    Gov Jerry Brown: Californians to Be Heavily Fined for Long Showers - Breitbart "Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) said Californians will face heavy fines for taking long showers. Brown said, “This executive order is done under emergency power. It has the force of law. Very...
  10. Mark

    Pressure Washer Fire At Safeway Store

    Pressure Washer causes fire? Officials investigate fire at San Rafael Safeway store - KTVU - Be Careful out there!
  11. Mark

    Happy New Year 2015

    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Wishing you all the best for 2015. We have been busy with both pressure washer sales and service. Also with our heater business.
  12. Mark

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing all our friends on The PWN a Happy Thanksgiving........
  13. Mark

    Harvest Special

    Model# SS35003VS / AHS12 3500psi, 3.5gpm NEW high efficiency, compact, 14â€￾ SpiraLastâ„¢ coil Twin cylinder, 479cc Vanguard engine 12v burner, diesel heated, adjustable up to 250°F Direct drive, ceramic plunger AR pump Powder coated Pro-Tect-It frame, stainless coil enclosure and panels...
  14. Mark

    Sacramento Restaurant Owner Fined For Pressure Washing

    "Local restaurant owner Daniel Flores says the city fined him for flooding his own parking area, which was caused by the pressure washer used to clean his patio. Every six weeks, Flores cleans the patio of Taqueria Jalisco on 16th and D streets but this last time, the city slapped him with a...
  15. Mark

    The Lowest Bidder

    Spotted yesterday in Prague two men pressure washing one of the city’s historic buildings but clearly on a budget. Men at work in Prague, can you spot the second one? Caught on camera by one of our readers, it looks like two men were involved with the job, and clearly had won the contract...
  16. Mark

    Is it Really About The Money? By Carlos Gonzales :confused:

    Pressure Wash Contractors - Is it Really About the Money? :confused::confused::confused: As with any trade, a contractor entering into the pressure washing industry has their sight on one primary goal. That is to make money and LOTS of it. This is probably the one common denominator that...
  17. Mark

    EBC EnviroBioCleaner

    Now Available from Easy Clean Systems EnviroBioCleaner "EBC is the most reliable multi purpose cleaner and de-greaser on the market today" Call for more information..........916 638-0828 800 292-EASY
  18. Mark

    Power Washing In An Enclosed Garage

    Here is another tragic death due to carbon monoxide poisoning. ALBERTVILLE, Ala. A 27 year old man has died of carbon monoxide poisoning at a home on Martling Road in Albertville. Son of Albertville Mayor Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning | Here is another news story regarding...
  19. Mark

    David Olson Remember Him Forever!!!

    By Ron Musgraves of PWI
  20. Mark

    Time To Change Clocks

    Daylight Savings Time Is Almost Here! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night! Daylight saving time is this weekend - Our Region - The Sacramento Bee