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    Need Help

    Contact the company that made it and ask them. Check and see if they have a website.
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    help with bid on hoods

    3 hoods, 3 straight ducts, 3 fans - scraping char and cleanup - $425- $450. Whatever the market will bear.
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    Painter fell off the roof...

    The latex paint will probably peel off the shingles, like it peels off a roller tray. If that doesn't work - new shingles will probly make the owner happiest.
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    How much money do PW's make a year, full time?

    Don't quit your day job. Do you have health insurance there? That's a mighty high priced item when you are on your own. Good luck, whatever you decide.
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    How much money do PW's make a year, full time?

    Well said 5 Star. Right on the nail head.
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    Pictures of one of my trucks

    SCRATCH, that was no scratch.. it's a cobweb. There is no windshield. [white]
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    New members we need your help.

    Was up wit dis board - can't get any of the topics to show "witout a pass word". My pass word don't work.
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    soda beads?

    KIC, I don't think they want to talk to their competition, since nobody knows where you are. Sodium hydroxide is not something to experiment with on some guys expensive tractor. They already make soaps that contain caustic which have a bigger bite to them, do a search for truck wash soap on...
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    question about fleetwash inc

    Ron, Just a suggestion: since you stand to lose a considerable sum, become pro-active. Get yourself a digital camera and take plenty of photos of your guys washing and doing their thing, plus nice before and afters, do some videos as well. Then find out when FW is starting and do the same for...
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    Where'd they put Dan S(hannon)

    It seems like only last month he was going off to Hawaii to ride in submarines with his wifey. Was he eaten by sharks?
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    just getting started

    JBeckman, you might be getting in over your head. First off a rule of thumb for bids is $10-$20 per linear foot for hoods and $40 - $60 per fan. You can also charge for filters $5 to $8 per or not do them or include them as part of the job price. When lawsuits are flying the so-called corporate...
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    chemicals for kitchen filters?

    The only filters you won't be able to clean are the super-paper thin flimsy aluminum filters. You'll know them when you see them. If the company that last cleaned the hood had a big round sticker - they may have left those filters which are disposable. Otherwise, you can clean any filter with a...
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    fire links, cover or not?

    Fisher, do these out of town guys use large round hood stickers? Just curious.
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    Caustic Based Chemical Ready For Intro.

    Sounds like a commercial with no contact info. Do a search for some of the other sites where the hood cleaners hang out. How about your name - email, phone # to contact you. Sounds like a product that's made in Denver which does pretty much the same thing.
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    What to buy

    pwrwshr1, How do you like that Spartan - I have heard some good things about it and it's made near Toledo, Ohio. I think most guys use sodium hydroxoide and water with a few squirts of dawn. Does the spartan burn your skin?
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    soda beads

    What's a competitive price? [puke] Don't go by the prices you see on old posts. Some of those guys bought skids and there's inflation to consider. [white] Check the yellow pages in Dearborn and Ann Arbor for chemical suppliers. The university towns usually have chem suppliers. It's cheaper...
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    Is age an issue?????

    Eric, It's possible that DC stands for Dorsky Cleaning (Sevices)maybe located in Parma. Just a thought.
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    Is cleaning roofs a more than one person job?

    There is only one way to find and that's to do the job by yourself but keep your cellphone on you. Program the emergency numbers into it. If you fall reach for the phone with your mouth if you have to (if your arms and hips are broke). If you don't fall count your blessings and keep going until...
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    What exactly is a washout for a food distributor?

    Don't forget to wear a mask, the insides of trailers can become stiffling when you are at the front. Around here they sometimes haul trash one-way and foodstuffs the other. You don't want the stuff in your lungs. Trailers are easy enough to collect water from - get a 55 gallon trash can and...
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    Providing a Service? You Need a Contract!

    5 star johnny, In 10 years - we have never been stiffed by a truck wash account. Knock on wood! We have always kept to our part of the deal and the customers their part. I don't want the customer to feel like he is locked into anything. When we show up to do the jobs they have...