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    Hey Larry..........dan......... How you boys doing....Long time since I have been on here since I sold the business. Anyway, I guess James does not come on here much. Larry....where in Arkansas do you live ? I now live right up the road from ya north of Springfield. I have been down to harrison...
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    Hello Howard, This is James from One Call Power Wash. I bought Gordon's business. Just wondering if this lady found someone to wash her business or not. I have a job to do in Laplata and I could swing over there and see what she has. There is a lady in Solomons that has a...
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    Sold the Business

    One Call Power Wash & Fleet Service has been sold. The new owner in which I have referred to this board is James Brooks. He has spent some time with me on a few jobs and will need the help and advise that this board has always given me. Anyway, please welcome him to this board and wish him the...
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    Pay me now > estimates <

    Hey the Dan and Mark and Larry, How's it been going. Man, busy, busy, busy. I dont think I have been on here for quite sometime. lol. I hope things are going well for you guys. Good seeing some of the threads. It looks as if the ole PWN is thriving as before.
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    Nail pops / liability

    Maryland Sue Me. I am also in Maryland and we reset nails/screws on every deck we restore. This is part of the restoration process. Not to mention we also sand all top rails as well. If you find an idiot out there that will report you for doing a service such as this, then go with it. The...
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    Cuprinol / Deckscapes

    Deckscapes We started using deckscapes this year. Apparently it is the same as cuprinol. Anyways, we are having great success with it. The only color that seems to have the problems is Redwood. Always darker then the actual color chart. We have also ventured into using HVLP sprayers. I must...
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    HVLP Sprayers

    Has anybody used or are using these type sprayers ? I am wondering about the possibilities of spraying the spindles and hand rails with one of these.
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    Quick connects on triggers?

    So you know.... We have different lenghts also. What we have are ball valves at the ends of our hoses and it allows us to change out the entire gun with different lenghts. It does cost more because you have to buy more triggers but it is well worth it.
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    Deck Restoration....

    Well..... Only on a few occassions have we had to resort to any type of electric sander. Most is done by hand. Most just need a light sanding to remove any type of furring etc..... If you have to use an electric sander, then the owner probably needs to replace the top railing. I would always...
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    Deck Restoration....

    Process We always sand the top railings as well as reset/replace any screws/nails. This is part of Deck Restoration. It takes all of 1/2 hour to do this and is a have too. Even though we use a low pressure cleaning process the tops should always be sanded.
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    Commercial Equipment for sale

    Market for hose reels/stacker unit I am in the market for hose reels and stacker units. If you want to part these out, I would be interested. Thanks
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    How is everybody doing ?

    We are having a record month. How is everybody else doing ?
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    You could be right.... You could be right. We just surpassed our 9th. We have had State Farm for a many a year and then they stopped coverage. We have only been with colony for a year now.
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    Try a company called Colony Insurance Group. This is who we have ours through. We pay less than a $1000 for 1 Mil Liabiltiy and that is with a personal injury clause.
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    Ball Valve

    We have on/off ball valves on the ends of all of our hoses. The problem is the screw that keeps the arm on keeps coming out. Needless to say we loose these and then the ball valve is of no use. Anybody ever come up with an idea to keep them from working their way out ? We have tried all weld...
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    Comet Vs CAT Pumps?

    Cat pumps......... You should at the very least change your seals every 2000 hrs. Regardless. Dont wait until the break down on ya. I always back Cat Pumps. They are costly but worth every penny.
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    Black corn stove markings

    Wastin your time..... The black silt will not come off. Depending on how old the aluminum is it is probably baked on by now. The only thing you can do is to explain to the customer the need to replace or repaint the siding after cleaning. The silt from the corn is sort of like resin and if...
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    Negotiate Price in a Pinch?

    Way over priced..... From what I have read... you have quoted him a price of $1618.00 for total deck restoration. If this is correct and you are talking 392 sq wonder he turned you down. You are way way over priced. Correct me if I am wrong but I get $4.13 per sq ft from your...
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    Phonebook screwed up

    Yellow Book Two years ago, Yellow book messed up ours. They put 20 degree hot water instead of 210 degree. Looked pretty stupid but anyway, they gave me a big discount.
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    Nmd 80

    Prosoco Products For Brickwork, we use Prosoco. Although Prosoco will not probably save you any monies either. All good brick cleaning componds are expensive.