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    Sold the Business

    One Call Power Wash & Fleet Service has been sold. The new owner in which I have referred to this board is James Brooks. He has spent some time with me on a few jobs and will need the help and advise that this board has always given me. Anyway, please welcome him to this board and wish him the...
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    HVLP Sprayers

    Has anybody used or are using these type sprayers ? I am wondering about the possibilities of spraying the spindles and hand rails with one of these.
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    How is everybody doing ?

    We are having a record month. How is everybody else doing ?
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    Ball Valve

    We have on/off ball valves on the ends of all of our hoses. The problem is the screw that keeps the arm on keeps coming out. Needless to say we loose these and then the ball valve is of no use. Anybody ever come up with an idea to keep them from working their way out ? We have tried all weld...
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    Washing in below 32 degrees

    Have any of you washed in less than 32 degree weather ? I am talking anything and what....
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    New name for us pressure washers....

    Stand-alone mobile recirculating aquatic housing systems operator...... Thought I would lighten the spirit around here.
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    I am thinking of having our trailers lined with linex....Has anybody out there had this done ? I have really checked this product out but need some knowledge of it before I spend the $2000 to have 3 trailers done. They claim to be able to put it throughout. Any input would be appreciated...
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    How has the fuel increases affected your bottom line ?
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    Business For Sale - Southern Maryland

    Business for Sale - Time to hang up the hoses. I have sold everything else and have kept in place 1 full operational rig. Those interested, please email me at One Call Power Wash & Fleet Service Equipment List 2003 Wells Cargo 6.5’ x 16’ Enclosed...
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    Hydrant Hose/Couplings

    Anybody have a good source for the above ?
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    Where do you stand ?

    Where do you stand ? Are you satisfied with our Government ?
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    Chems can kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Health Club Evacuated After Explosion Workers Overcome By Chlorine A health club in Laurel, Md., was evacuated Thursday after a small explosion in one of its rooms. Prince George's County fire officials said the Sport Fit health club was evacuated after three employees were overcome...
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    I'll Be Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Arnold would say. Just a little humor. Getting ready to head out for a 4 day camping trip to celebrate the 4th of July. Just wanted to wish ya all a wonderful 4th and enjoy yourselves.
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    Why so many old post popping up ?

    Is it just me ?
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    Stain Coats

    How many coats do you apply ?
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    New Equipment

    I am taking proposals on the following from all interested parties: 1. 3500psi, 4gpm belt drive (cold) pressure washer. Prefer skid mount. 2. 16"-20" Surface Cleaner - Must have wheels New or Used. Please send to Thanks.
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    Need some help

    One unit we have is a 4000psi 4.0gpm. It has an 18hp Kohler. What would it take to transform this into a two man operational unit ? My thinking tells me to of course change the pump to a higher rated gpm. But what else will I need to change ? Will the 18hp Kohler be enough power to run a higher...
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    New Equipment

    I have designed and in the process of manufacturing a ladder horizontal extender that will allow you to place yourself 6' from the wall of a building/residential siding. My thinking is this. Extension Wands are bulky and cumbersome to work with and these horizontal extenders will allow you to...
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    Telescopic Extension Wands

    What type of Extension Wand do you recommend and why ?
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    Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone

    May the luck of the Irish shine on ya. Happy St. Patricks Day from One Call Power Wash. This will be the only site I will visit today due to the green background. Thanks go to Dan & Mark........