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    Does this forum still exsist?

    What happened to everybody?
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    Restore-A-Deck Products

    I need to find a solid supplier besides the big box brands. Some may work fine but are not very cost effective. I live up in Canada. I came across this product online Restore-A-Deck Package 3200 | Restore-A-Deck Packages | Deck Cleaners - Professional Grade | The Sealer Store Anyone use this...
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    New construction brick mortar and grout clean up help.

    Hello. I am new to the business and through word of mouth I landed a potential job with a pretty large construction company in my area. They recently restored an old high school. The lower section of the building is covered in what seems to be brick mortar. I read muratic acid and some scrubbing...
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    OK, time to take this seriously!

    THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR READING, I KNOW IT IS LONG BUT I WANT TO GIVE YOU AN UNDERSTANDING MY SITUATION I been pressure washing since early spring as I have been interested in starting my own business and really enjoyed the satisfaction of this type of work. You guys are going to laugh, but my...
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    Job cleaning pavers in backyard patio. Please Help!

    Hello! New to the business and I have done a handful of decks this season. A friend of mine has asked me to clean their backyard patio. There are weeds and mold between the pavers and they seem to be a bit black. I have attached a few pictures. What steps would you take and what solution would...
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    New guy introducing himself. Getting into residential pressure washing!

    How's it going everyone? Hope you all are keeping busy cleaning. I have been interested in the pressure washing and cleaning business for quite some time. Been doing a lot of research as to what area I want to focus on. So far this spring I have cleaned and sealed 7 decks. Everyone has been...