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    missing thread part 2

    Thanks for your well thought out and erudite response. By the way, in the future, no need to either read the posts that bore you or even more importantly, respond with nothing of value. Thanks again. It's scholars like you that make the world go 'round.
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    missing thread part 2

    Cody...DONE!! See ya in Mass! Just to clear up things, though they really should be a need to, no I am not gay, and honestly, I do not necessarily approve of the gay lifestyle. However, I will defend to my death their right to do whatever it is that makes them happy, that harms no other...
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    missing thread part 2

    It was pulled for the same reason that my last post in this thread was foster anti gay sentiment, espouse the ultra, right wind viewpoint and stifle any free speech! The morons that administer this board are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, if you know what I mean.
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    Power Washer BMP'S

    Dude, that sucks!
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    Wash Water Recovery

    Who the hell would have such disgusting floor tiles in a residential kitchen, that you would have to pressure wash it with 3000 psi?
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    Im in the 40 club !

    Only half way! Damn!
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    financial agreements within a business partnering relationship

    I'm sorry, is there a post somewhere or are we just posting headers???
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    Postal Contract Bid Headache

    By the way, *********, if you think some government employee, with a guarnateed job for life, a pension and all the perks is going to risk that for 1k, then you really should get your head out of your ******Have a nice day being unemployed...because that's how I see your future...or what there...
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    Postal Contract Bid Headache

    I seriously doubt, having been involved on all levels of governmental contracts, that "someone" is getting a kickback on a piss ant contract like this. I have had contracts held up for 18 months for various reasons before we were awarded. When it is awarded, follow the procedures for FOIA and...
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    Do we really need a Organization ? (poll)

    Not likely. A leopard does not change his spots. Thanks Cody, it is nice to have someone who understands business a tad more than the masses.
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    Do we really need a Organization ? (poll)

    What cracks me us is how everyone tosses around "it's tax-deductible". Most of you haven't a clue as to the benefits of a tax deduction, what is and isn't so classified, and the fact that since most of you are the only employee, a business expense that is a "tax deduction" (which almost all...
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    Do we really need a Organization ? (poll)

    Do we need it? Yea, like a third testicle!
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    Need help making a letter

    There's a revelation!
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    ''fleetwash'' Look Out Fla.

    I am assuming, Bigboy, that Rex is your given name?
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    ''fleetwash'' Look Out Fla.

    Gee, Ron, it's so great to have such a student of the Hispanic mentality, culture, work ethic, financial standing and living arrangements. It is a wonder how I have stayed in business this long without your insights! 88888888888888 Wake up, smell the roses, and stop bad mouthing a...
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    My new logo

    In a word, it sucks
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    BBS Up & Running

    Thank god, no. I can only imagine what that hillbilly looks like!
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    Pricing Help? Unique items

    Let me get this straight. They do not want to pay $200.00 to an employee to do it but you will be bidding on this job at less than $200.00? I must have missed the part about being a big contract.
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    yepppppppppi ky ya ye ........!!~~!!

    I'll spring for the English lessons. At least get you to the 3rd grade level!