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    Help Choose Our New Logo!

    Number 2 fits the bill of "network"
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    Where are you from?

    St Peters MO, in your backyard [hello]
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    Carolina Pro Wash

    OK Celeste, time for you two to come do my front porch. I'll furnish the beer, venison and beer [white]
  4. reedsterstl

    TWP Preservative?

    TWP uses linseed oil, food source for mold/mildew. A parafinic oil is better. Just my 2 cents worth.
  5. reedsterstl

    HELP...Cedar Tannin Bleed!

    I do not get the crystalization with the blended oxallic I use. On new cedar, I would agree that you are more apt to get the crystal formation, but on older cedar I do not.
  6. reedsterstl

    HELP...Cedar Tannin Bleed!

    I do 99% cedar here in the St. Louis area. I can honestly say in 6 years I have seen tannin bleed twice. Both instances were when I rinsed the brightner off. I leave the brightner/neutrilizer on now after cleaning/stripping cedar. I use an Oxallic blend brightner, which knocks down tannin...
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    Ready Seal

    Now it's my 2 cents worth. I use ReadySeal 98 percent of the time, decks, fences and Cedar sided homes. Have been using it going on six years now. As with any stain, the key to longevity is the prep. My prep work gives me just about 2 years on RS before a maintenance wash and reseal is...
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    Landa machine pulsating!!!

    I have a Landa also. check the water inlet screen also. If debris gets to the screen is starves for water and will pulsate. reed
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    Visitor Tracker

    Makes me wonder if the dots from out of the country were spammers or are they truely individuals seeking information about PWing. reed
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    Restoring a Deck

    read for yourself Mr. Joe Homeowner, Here is a link that can validate what the professionals and this board and others are trying to tell you. Go through this site thoroughly and you will see.
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    Dog nail marks

    Josh some claw marks cannot be removed no matter how much sanding is done. They are just too deep. dog marks are alot like hail marks. The scratch or dent (from hail) compresses the wood at that area some so you definitely see the marks after staining with an oil based stain. this is...
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    Deck with dark red stain

    Cleaners and Strippers are alkaline based, this will raise the pH of wood. Brightener/Neutralizer are acidic based, so by applying this after stripping, you are striving for a neutral pH. Wolman's Deck bright has oxallic in it, but also has a little soap. I use an oxallic blend, not pure...
  13. reedsterstl

    Deck with dark red stain

    I will attempt to start you off. You must use a chemical stripper such as HD80, F18, Timberstrip, Remove, and there are others. All of these can be mixed to remove the stain. Then you HAVE to neutralize with either Oxallic or Citallic brightner/neutralizer. The key to remember here is chems...
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    Belt driven

    I have a Commercial Landa Belt drive, 3500 psi, cold at 4gpms. Do only decks and fences. Has only had one minor pump problem in 5 years. Belts are still in top shape. reed
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    Memorial Day Plans?

    Big Rib Fest going on in downtown St. Louis, Kenny Wayne Sheppard free concert there too. Doing my own ribs on Sunday. Putting on some new Chrome on the Road King. Finally getting a chance to seal my deck floor. Be Safe, reed
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    Annual Deck Maintenance?

    I offer a Free maintenance Tracking program. I keep track of when the deck needs light clean and reseal. I do this every 2 years. It is not a mandatory signed agreement. I offer it as a matter of convenience. I also tell the customer they are not required to participate, but if they do, the...
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    Chem Dwell Time On Sunny Day

    If the temps are not desirable, then I do cut down on the sf I apply the chems to. Yes, it can take forever especially if I am by myself. But I don't want anything to dry. If I have a helper then he can keep ahead of me and mist with more stripper to keep the chem wet. I have urned down the...
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    Need to buy Citracleen

    You can get it through Steve Rowlette at He carries it. reed
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    Chem Dwell Time On Sunny Day

    One key is not to strip too much of an area. Do it in sections with misting the section you are stripping with either a light mist of water or more stripper. This may help you, but if it is drying out reduce the area you are working on to about 10 sf at a time. reed
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    Wood brightener

    Have you wondered why you have 85 reviews and no posts? I dare say that every reputable deck restorer uses a brightner after cleaning and/or stripping, either citric or oxallic. This is a given.