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  1. archie_MN

    Husqvarna pressure washer wont spray

    Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you Tim. It could be the pump, but its pretty unlikely. Mark's probably right, somewhere along the way, your fuel line is gelled. I run standard gas in my Honda commercial engines because I've never had an issue with the gas gelling in them. I run...
  2. archie_MN

    Husqvarna pressure washer wont spray

    A bunch of possibilities there. The engine works the hardest the moment you pull the trigger, kind of like stomping the gas pedal in your truck. If either your pump or your engine are constricted, that'd be the moment it would kill. Off the top of my head, I'd guess it's been a while...
  3. archie_MN

    Loss of Flow and Pressure

    You called it Doug. $50 and 3 hours later, runs like new. [wow]
  4. archie_MN

    Loss of Flow and Pressure

    My oldest little deck machine is having some issues, hopefully you guys can help. This is it: (NorthStar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer — 3.5 GPM, 4000 PSI, Model# 15782020 | Gas-Cold Water Pressure Washers| Northern Tool + Equipment") Instead of 3.8@3500 I'm getting 2@600 and a LOUD knocking...
  5. archie_MN

    Is it Really About The Money? By Carlos Gonzales :confused:

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Anyone else read the E Myth?
  6. archie_MN

    The Lowest Bidder

    So funny it's scary. I had to get my entire cleaning process (chems, pressure, temp, runoff) approved just to wash an historic home here. Shame on the boss and whoever approved the bid. Kudos to the laborers for their efforts, though. Assuming they survived the day, someone owes them a cold...
  7. archie_MN

    Thank you cards

    Any chance I get, I like to highlight anyone who goes above and beyond for me. For small outfits, that's usually a thank you card or a tip. For big companies, I try to find the guy or gal at the top of the food chain, and I tell them about my experience. Last year I gave a kid $20 at the...
  8. archie_MN

    You want Restoration, I'll give you Restoration.

    3 years later, I just booked this deck again.....Imagine my surprise when I headed out there this morning to find a tree destroyed it last night. Oh well, at 25+ years, the old girl was ready to retire.
  9. archie_MN

    How's everyone today

    Living the dream...
  10. archie_MN

    "Undesirable" jobs?

    After today, I can say with absolute certainty that deck cleaning on a 38 degree rainy day is the most undesirable work....but playing with squirt guns is still better than any other job.
  11. archie_MN

    The Purple Deck

    Thanks Jason!
  12. archie_MN

    The Purple Deck

    I'd rather be doing pads too, but I've dug out a profitable little niche for decks the other guys can't strip. 5 years ago that deck would have been 2 days for me too. Wood's pretty simple once you get the chems and techniques. With your skills, a dozen decks and you'd nail it down.
  13. archie_MN

    The Purple Deck

    About 5 hours to clean it because I had to play with the chems onsite for that goofy "sealer." Normally it would have taken 2.5-3. Sealing was about 3 hours solo without a sprayer.
  14. archie_MN

    The Purple Deck

    This was a fun one last fall. The previous homeowners were huge Vikings fans and "professional painters." Apparently they mixed house paint, linseed oil, and hardwood floor urethane to make their very own semitransparent purple. I had way too much fun mixing together a stripper for this mess...
  15. archie_MN

    EBC EnviroBioCleaner

    And I'm very pleased to have EBC in my arsenal.
  16. archie_MN

    Who's Using Concrete Stain or Colored Sealer?

    I've been using big box store colored sealers and acid stains on pool decks, patios, and driveways for a few years now, with mixed results. I'm tired of crossing my fingers when I warranty it, so I'd like to have something I can recommend with confidence. I'm wondering.... What are you guys...
  17. archie_MN

    checking it out

    Welcome back Cat. Nice to see a local on PWN! Mark's worked hard to keep it looking and running sharp. Can I assume by your name you're at the Cat plant in Blaine?
  18. archie_MN

    Hydro Tek Gas Powered Vac Recovery 425 CFM

    Good lookin rig, it looks like I'm going to have to get into reclaiming in 2015....apparently Minnesota, "The Land of 10,000 Lakes," is having water table issues.
  19. archie_MN

    Importance Of Changing Engine Oil

    Good Thread. Just took down both of my rigs for a full spring cleaning, even wire brushed the inside of the coil on my old heater. As for oil... this winter was so nuts with ice dams I was changing twice a week.
  20. archie_MN

    Lets Compare Prices?

    But a Goodie. It's over a decade old, and we still hear the same thing all the time. --As for my 2 cents... There is no way to lock down a solid sqft price. Age and condition of the wood, design of the deck and rails, existing sealer, location, and PITA factor can affect the price 75% or...