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    Homeowner concerns about having siding pressure cleaned

    I have a customer ask me to give them a quote for having their vinyl siding cleaned. They asked me if I pressure wash because they have heard from a few places that this should not be done. Anyone ever run into this issue with a homeowner before? This is my first time coming across this and I...
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    subcrontractor needed

    Eric, I would prefer that you call me...thanks for your interest!
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    subcrontractor needed

    Have a store front cleaning job in St Davids, PA. Looking for an experienced and insured sub to do the work. Could possibly a regular job for the right person. Call me at (610) 970-0620 for details. Rick-Deck Care Plus
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    TREX Decks Starting to show up more and more

    I have washed three trex deck myself this season. Did a low pressure wash than applied oxalic acid. Nothing else seems to work. The black marks from the wood will return. As far as staining a Trex deck. My one and only occasion was a few years ago using Cabot's Teflon based solid stain...
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    Your Method of Sealing?

    Beng, I would be interested in your experience with this "One Time" sealer for wood. Especially since you are new to this board.
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    other then Sikkens . what is your next choice for.........

    Thanks for the information and reply Dan. How did you apply it? Brush, roller or spray? I am considering doing my garage floor.
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    other then Sikkens . what is your next choice for.........

    Dan S. What's the name of that concrete paint you got from S.H.?
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    other then Sikkens . what is your next choice for.........

    I haven't done a log home but I have used the Cuprinol on some decks and it does a nice job.
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    Citric vs. Oxalic

    Mike, I believe your mixing ratio was fine but the fact that you applied the brightener with your xjet most likely diluted the mixture.
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    gas prices

    Hey Jon, I feel your pain buddy. I too have diesel as well. So much for the savings over gasoline. Which is one of the reasons why I originally bought a diesel. I understand prices are going to go up even more.
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    Who Should Get This BBS

    My vote goes to Mike Hughes. I have known Mike for a number of years. He is very committed to the business and to the authanticity of these boards. He will do a great job!
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    Double Sided Biz Card

    I agree...keep them separate.
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    102 degrees

    I feel your pain Mike. Started today at 7am and ended my day at 2pm. Soaked with sweat! [mnhgyt] I must have drank two gallons of water today.
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    Anyone working tomorrow?

    Catching up on some work around the house than off to a picnic later at some friends.
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    New Postcard, What do you think?

    Hi Dan, Nice cards! If you don't mind me asking...what did they cost to get printed up?
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    Your Method of Sealing?

    John, I really don't think spraying is going to be a factor on whether it peels or not. It's has to do with the type of product Sikkens is.
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    Stained Wood Siding

    You may also find that two coats of Ready seal are necessary. So make sure you cover yourself in the bid.
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    Cedar Decks

    Aplus, Check with your local chemical supply house. We buy it in 55lb. bags.
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    Are you a PWNA member??

    As you well know Mike I am a member. You have my vote when the ballot comes around. Although, I hope you can change things for the better. I cannot say for sure that I will be renewing next year, for I have not been too happy with my membership these past two years. Good luck!
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    My Baby Came :)

    Congrats Dan on the new edition. Sorry this is a little late. I have been out of the loop lately.