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    Are you ready to become more successful? Good, let's start

    Most calls coming from the internet.
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    A New Line of Soaps - Video from initial testing!

    Hey Doug How did your test go?
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    A&J Power Wash

    Hi, Al Nice to have you here. Welcome
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    A New Line of Soaps

    Yes, This last weekend. Saw some interesting things with who ever is cleaning the Bart entrances. I have been to the ball parks up there, but this was my first time spending any time in the city. It was a last minute trip, just to go somewhere. Had a great time. I'm sure we will meet up...
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    My Price List

    Lets hear it Ron!
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    Tile Roof Cleaning Houston Texas

    As always. Nice work Doug.
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    A New Line of Soaps

    Congratulations Carlos, I know your a hard working man and deserve major sucess! I'm very interested on learning more. Besides KEC where eles would one use these new chems?
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    Roof Cleaning Houston

    Great job, Doug
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    Our deepest sympathies Carlos

    Very sorry to hear this. I am only a few hours away if you need any help. I would be more than happy to do so.
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    Houston Texas Sidewalk Claning

    Awsome job on the sidewalk, strorefront cleaning in Houston, Tx
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    Rust Removal Houston Texas

    Thank-you Doug. Say, I can't tell what kind of surface that house is in the pic. I'm on my phone. I'm looking for a product that will take rust stains out of painted stucco. Have you used this on stucco? Thanks.
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    Rust Removal Houston Texas

    Doug, is this the correct link? AmeriTech - Clear Pink Stuff
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    door hangers

    Doug, this will be my first attempt with the door hangers. I will let you all know how it goes. Have you used any in the past?
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    Vacaville, Ca - Pressure Wash

    Carlos, How do the windows look after cleaning with the sw1k? Are you just giving them a good rinse? Or are you coming back with a squeegee?
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    door hangers

    i just realized the back side is not my final draft. A few changes were made.
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    door hangers

    I just had this one made up. These will go out this spring.
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    Vacaville, Ca - Pressure Wash

    Hey Carlos, Yes I did try. I had a few questions about this subject. So I will ask here. I know at one time you were using the sw1k as your housewash mix. I would be very interested in hearing your comparison between the two products on cleaning stucco? How did she like the campus here in...
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    Vacaville, Ca - Pressure Wash

    Nice work as always Carlos. Are you still using sw1k for your housewash mix?
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    Houston Texas Pressure Washing

    Nice work Doug. I think most home owners don't realize what a difference a professional cleaning could make on their property. Infact, I am visiting my mother right now in Minnesota. I wish I could get my hands on some equipment to clean her walkways. It would make a huge difference. Amazingly...