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  1. GreenGator

    Trigger Gun Fatique

    Duct Tape Roll? ( I really want that $100 from Easy Clean Systems for some BT-200!
  2. GreenGator

    Trigger Gun Fatique

    Tape roll?
  3. GreenGator

    Trigger Gun Fatique

    [whatup]Roach clip?[whatup]
  4. GreenGator

    Trigger Gun Fatique

    clamp Clamp? Got to be. Saw it on FB!
  5. GreenGator

    want to get your thoughs onfew things

    Good work, Chris! Go get 'em!
  6. GreenGator

    Newb here saying HELLO!!

    Welcome Pete! Welcome and good luck!
  7. GreenGator

    Seal 'n Lock Authorized Technician Training..Northern California

    I know!!! I can't believe it!
  8. GreenGator

    Seal 'n Lock Authorized Technician Training..Northern California

    I am so disappointed! I would love to go, but will be in Vegas that week. I will do my best to get back in time. Maybe my wife can attend and take good notes!
  9. GreenGator

    Power Washing Supplies, What Sites do you guys use?

    For me... my first call is to Mark at Easy Clean Systems. If he doesn't have it, he will you find it. Mark McIntyre 800-292-EASY 916-638-0828
  10. GreenGator

    Hydro Twister Surface Cleaners On Sale

    Hey Calob- I am pretty new to the Industry, but as we all know, time is MONEY! The Surface Cleaners really do speed things up. The Manufactures say it is about 20 times faster than wand! I have the model shown in the video... the Hydro Tek ANT3C... It is a great piece of equipment. The...
  11. GreenGator

    Another Rust Removal Job

    Hey Doug- What did you use to get those results?
  12. GreenGator

    Power Wash Network....What's Happening?

    Count me in, Carlos!
  13. GreenGator

    Power Wash Network....What's Happening?

    Good to meet you too, Carlos! Thanks for all the advice... next time... In and Out! Thanks to all of you! I follow you all on Facebook and I am learning a lot.... In fact, I walked away from a job for the first time. Long story short... The guy was pouring his Sushi Restaurant's grease down...
  14. GreenGator

    Sad News

    I am sorry, Mark. I did not get the chance to meet him, but I am sorry for your loss as well as the loss to the industry.
  15. GreenGator

    First Real Job

    It did have color, carlos. It had not been sealed since it was poured 10 years ago. I let her know that a lot of color would go and she said she was okay with that. I used my surface cleaner, hot. After rinsing, I put down some bleach and then rinsed after 20 minutes. I definitely took out the...
  16. GreenGator

    First Real Job

    Thanks guys!
  17. GreenGator

    First Real Job

    After a month of friends and family jobs, I have my first "real" opportunity. Just some residential flatwork.... but... the client happens to be VP Operations of the largest Multi-Family management company in the Sacramento Area. Green Gator is off and running. Thanks to the mods on this...
  18. GreenGator

    Some day's you're the dog and some day's you're the fire hydrant

    . Hey Carlos- Nice work on Sales today! Thanks again for the call taking the time to talk today. I really appreciate it.
  19. GreenGator

    Unavailable for the near future

    My family prays for yours.
  20. GreenGator

    Who is an iPhone user?

    Using Verizon 3g Droid right now.... loving it...