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  1. Grime Busters

    One of my larger estimates to work on today...

    Remember Mike, if you inform your insurance agent that you will be using a lift, per OSHA regulations you must use a harness and tie off. The harness and proper tie-off equipment is not cheap, but will keep you in compliance. Watching the old Discovery Channel documentaries of the men walking...
  2. Grime Busters

    One of my larger estimates to work on today...

    We've been using the Ladder Saver and like it a lot ! But still, even working from the ground, most insurance policies have a height limit exclusion, regardless if you are using a Ladder Saver on steroids or a boom lift. Just an FYI. We pay good money for our insurance coverage and hopefully...
  3. Grime Busters

    One of my larger estimates to work on today...

    We are slammed with RFP's, hired another crew leader which worked out beyond expectations yesterday. Will be spending all day today and tomorrow catching up on the RFP's and other proposals, including 3 more parking garages, a 750,000 sq ft terminal, 3 more WalMarts, another chain of...
  4. Grime Busters

    One of my larger estimates to work on today...

    Excellent !!! Like the Jefferson theme, "movin' on up.....". Make sure your insurance covers you to 34'. Many policy standards stop at 30'.
  5. Grime Busters

    “Coming Together for Clean Waterâ€￾ The EPA & CWA Strategy to Protect America's Waters

    Thank to Robert Hinderliter for providing me this information:
  6. Grime Busters

    Recent Awning Cleaning!

    A website is key these days Mike, for most businesses, especially if you are in a service industry. Might want to reach out to Pat at
  7. Grime Busters

    Recent Awning Cleaning!

    Not even sure what your name is, don't want to call you Gummy (LOL !) Do you have a website ? Make sure to keep a photo portfolio and start making videos and create a YouTube channel. All have several different values as related to SEO and marketing.
  8. Grime Busters

    Recent Awning Cleaning!

    Excellent job. Quality sells.
  9. Grime Busters

    A good friend or a really good friend??

    This doesn't have something to do with the "don't ask, don't tell" program, does it ? LOL !!!!
  10. Grime Busters

    Window Washer Electrocuted in L.A.

    Welcome Daza Rooney to the PWN. Sad situation for sure. Please take a moment and complete your signature line, per the forum rules. You can do this by going to your Settings, then Edit Signature. Thanks in advance.
  11. Grime Busters

    surface cleaner pressure?

    Hi Kevin, Yes, you should run your machine at full 3500 PSI, and you can either use 1503, 2503 or 4003 spray tips. (the 03 indicates the tip is rated at 3 GPM. ie. our 9 GPM machines use 2 - 1545 or 2545 tips per Hydro Tek ANT 3 spinner). 15 degree on very sturdy and well cured concrete, 25...
  12. Grime Busters

    Before and After pics

    Not sure if you need permission legally, but we always take before, during and after pictures and videos of each project we perform. Before posting any pictures to our website, YouTube channel or any other public source, we always ask permission, just out of respect.
  13. Grime Busters

    Accept credit cards without a merchant account

    We use PayPal, alone and via our Quickbooks program. We also use Square Up; A great program which allows our techs to accept credit cards via their Android Droid X phones.
  14. Grime Busters

    8 GPM @ 5000 PSI Hot HP Washer

    I had no notification of anything awaiting monitor approval. Wonder why ?
  15. Grime Busters

    Powdered Bleach Review

    Hoping the end results finally worked out for you Doug. Please keep us updated.
  16. Grime Busters

    8 GPM @ 5000 PSI Hot HP Washer

    Sent you a PM Mark.
  17. Grime Busters

    Powdered Bleach Review

    10+ Both men are the true industry leaders.
  18. Grime Busters

    Powdered Bleach Review

    Damn Doug. I do not have any first hand experience with doing roofs or house washes with and type of bleach. We only use 100% eco friendly products, most purchased from **********. Powdered bleach is obviously a concentrate. We have restored dozens of water features and large scale...
  19. Grime Busters

    New member to Power Wash Network

    Welcome Jon & Kat to the PWN, by far the best forum available for professionals in the pressure washing industry. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, and search through the archives. You'll find our membership are all professionally minded and very willing to help in anyway...