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    If someone started a new organization?

    That is awesome!! Thank you Ron for all your input into this industry!!!
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    Thank you cards

    Very few times...I am going to bump that up!!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention Ron!! Always ways to improve!!
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    Thank you cards

    We send them out to of our clients after we perform a service.
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    "Undesirable" jobs?

    Yea I think KEC has to be a special kind of person to handle them!! It would not be for me!!
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    "Undesirable" jobs?

    Stripping paint from concrete!!!!
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    Using sewer jetting hose for power washing

    Yes I think Doug is right on this. We use to do some drain cleaning and had some of that lite weight hose and the thought went thru my mind too, but yea I don't think it will hold up very good.
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    Woman armed with pressure-washer wand wanted suicide-by-cop

    O my goodness, that beat it all. Wanted to be shot...??
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    How to help Oklahoma tornado victims

    That is very nobel of you to do this Mark. The folks there do need help for sure and what little we can give can make a difference.
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    Video or photo demos

    Did you get your answer Ron??? Or maybe you figured it out without any help?? HA
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    Good Ole Hog Barns

    Don't say that it's true Ron!!!!!!!!! You did??
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    3rd Annual NOVA Event

    Freebie #2 Sutner 2000 Trigger Gun 5000psi Who could use another trigger gun??
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    3rd Annual NOVA Event

    I just got off the phone with Jonny at CPW Equipment and he is throwing some freebies in the make this a little more exciting!!!!(No skids, sorry) The first item is 50' 3/8 double wire, 5400 psi, high pressure hose!!!!!!!!!! Who's up for winning a piece of pressure hose?
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    Good Ole Hog Barns

    Anybody still washing these??
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    3rd Annual NOVA Event

    Location: Quality Inn & Suites 1 Second Street Laurel, MD 20707 Doors open at 8AM. show starts at 9AM. BE THERE!!
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    3rd Annual NOVA Event

    Ok here is the schedule of the event as of now. Small changes may be made but this will give you idea of what is in the plans. 8:00 Doors open 9:00 Events starts/ Introductions 9:30 Pump & equipment repair presentation and Q & A. By Jonny Martin from CPW...
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    3rd Annual NOVA Event

    Quality Inn & Suites 1 Second Street Laurel, MD 20707 Doors open at 8AM. show starts at 9AM. BE THERE!!
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    3rd Annual NOVA Event

    3rd Annual NOVA Networking Event. DEC 8th. Baltimore, MD area. Hey guys in the past a few guys have been holding a small meet n greet in Northern VA. It seemed as if it was not going to happen this year so a few others and myself are trying to pull this off before the year runs...
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    Shopping Center Cleaning Houston

    Got it looking pretty good Rucker!! Keep them Houston sidewalks clean!!
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    Marine vs Regular battery for ShurFlo

    Mark covered it pretty good. A car battery isn't designed to be drained down over and over like a deep cycle is.
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    vinyl siding chalking

    That is a good 6 year old answer!! HA We have ran into this problem a few times. seems like it is normally the gray or sandstone sidings. Can sure cause you a problem if your cleaners take off the oidation at only some spots!! Looks all spoty then!!!