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Hey I just wanted everyone to check out my logo and let me know what you think.Thanks.


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Mike Hughes

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Well, it needs some work.

This is more then a logo though, it's more like a business card. Your phone number needs to be much bigger.

The wood backround is a cool idea.............but you need to find a font and colors that show up better. Its not very easy to read. If I were glancing at it on a page witih ten other cards, I probably wouldn't notice it at all.

Maybe you could make the piece of wood other words, have your phone number/email not be on top of the wood. Keep the pw gun on top of the wood like that.

Good luck.


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I guess it's not really my "logo", but it is my business card. The phone number, e-mail and font still have to be worked on(I was aware of that already). It's not finalized but I wanted to get some comments before it is. Thanks for the reply Mike, it is definitely appreciated.Any advice from the professionals on this board is helpful for a newcomer such as myself. Thanks again for all comments.

Coastal Eddie

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I've never had a logo but look at them all the time on here. This one interests me.

I love the wood idea, but it looks like you blew a big hole in it with that gun. I'd change that by filling the hole lol.

The fonts definately need to be changed to make it easier to read.

Other than that I like your idea alot and wish you prosperity.


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Washer man,

Isn't your wife a pharmacist? Tell her to get you some pills for that manic-depression. I had a friend once who like you was a manic-depressive until he blew his brains out. Cured him.

Larry L.

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I agree with Coastal Eddie,fill in the hole,maybe a fan spray or just bubbles.

The wording looks ok to me,I think if you'll change the shadows behind the words you could read them better,maybe a different shadow behind each line of wording,maybe a border around the edge of the white lettering...and rememder the back ground on which it is applied will make a differents,it may knock ya eyes out on a black background or laying a on brown deck in a business office without changing nothing,white background does unjust to it.


This is my first post on this board. Let me first give you my opinion of the logo/card, followed by an introductin of myself.
The wood is a good idea for a card, not for logos or signage. Think about it, the idea of marketing (or even having a logo) is to be recognized. If I saw that as a logo on a truck, sign, etc. I would have to see it 5000 times to even know what it said. We all know the Nike swoosh because of its simplicity, get the idea.
To be honest, it looks like you got some new graphics software that you really had fun playing with. To get a more simple recognizable "logo", somthing people will remember, Try to use a larger wand under the name of your business. If you really want to introduce the wood pattern, just try to include it where the spray is. The only other suggestion I would have is about your email address, It is to long! It is to much to remember.

Now a little about myself. I have Live in southern Wisconsin, married 7 years, 4 year old son. I have been in the deck cleaning and sealing business for 5 years. I could prob. make a full-time run but it is hard to give up the guaranteed $16.00 + ben. and options i get from Walgreen's. I have pleanty of time to operate my business as well. I'm done with work at 1:30p.m. When I get real busy, I have a friend help me.
I happened on this business by chance, I owned a unit in a 32 unit condo association. I saw the guy that was doing the decks one year. He washed with a garden hose,no chem, and came back the next day to apply Thompson's. No kidding! Well They wanted them done 2 years later, They all looked like s**t. I had a real problem paying a guy $150 (my unit) for doing nothing. Before they had a meeting to decide that they were going to get them done again. I did mine myself. 2 weeks later, I was doing all others as well. I loved it and still long for the day that I grow a set of nuts and stop punching the clock at Walgreen's.
Sorry for the long post, but it was my first.

Tim Smith

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I agree with the business card look. This is not a logo. You can't just throw a wand under your business name and call it a logo. A logo is something that the public can recogize your business without seeing the Title of your business.

As a business card: I would make the title of your name smaller to fit within the wood. I change the appearance of the water - it gives the perception of water damaging the wood. Personally, I would ditch the wand. The line Pressure Washing Service, I would make it one line. Make the telephone number larger and make sure there are no wood knots behind it. At the bottom, I would put your phone number to the left side & straight across, I would put -- Frank Smith, Owner.. I would make the email address much smaller and center it at the bottom of the page.

Loose the wand - it takes away from the beauty of the wood.

ps - I take it that you are going to focus on wood restoration -- thats the message that you are sending with that card.

Good luck.


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Ok, my 2 cents. Get rid on the wood background. Only because you do not want potential customers thinking just wood restoration. I am sure you do allot more than just wood. I like the name, so keep it. Beef up the Pressure Washing Services to Power Washing Services. Red or Brown on the lettering is not the best color to go with. Marketing suggest that red means (bad or angry) go with a blue color to give it that cool look which suggest by marketing standards (pleasant, happy). Possibly make your logo a round one with excitement.

Just my 2 cents. I have done allot of marketing in my day but these are just suggestions. Remember, the first thing a potential customer sees is you logo. Make sure it is catchable.

I am going to work on one for you if you dont mind and let me know what ya think. I kinda do this part time so it might take a few days.

Tim Smith

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Whatever you decide to do - Just stay away from the Muscle Man holding a wand - There everywhere.


Are you angry when you put "Our" when you write
"Support Our Troops". or are you trying to highlight the importance of the word "Our", are you trying to show the reader how important it is to you, that they realize its OUR troops.

There are many theorys on color and marketing. Your right about red letters if your from the old school. New school marketers think red lettering shows power, strong, etc. Red can show the importance of a word. Blue is a great color to use as mention. I like using red on certain things. You gave some good advice.


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On the "Support Our Troops" Never even thought about it. Just wanted, I guess to place emphisis on "OUR" Needless to say not anger. For the record, I am against the war. I believe we are less safer with more governmental control. We pissed them off and probably will reap the benefits through more WTC type attacks. You cannot fight a war on terror without locking our borders down. We are in a world of trouble and I can only hope God will be with us all.

Some forget that "OUR" troops are just like you and me. Sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, uncles etc..... And here Bush with his mighty sword laid upon them the sacrafice of possibly dying for what ? Religious wars have been around allot longer then we will ever be and we should worry about our own and stop trying to run the rest of the world. We are a Super Power and we will always be. We have the tool to wipe out civilization and this makes us the big guy on the block. This should not allow us to dictate what other countries do with their societies.

Our government is so crooked and we do nothing. Some say VOTE well I do and it gets no where. As I have said in a previous post, we had people in our country fight for as little as the Boston tea tax. Here we are taxed to no end, Our civil liberties are being violated through the Patriot Act, and what do we get in return ? Is it right that the privlidged get everything and the little guy gets nothing ? Well that is the way it is. Today I read that congress just passed $2.36 trillion budget for next year. Does anyone here realize what amount of monies we are talkin about ? Does it really take that amount of monies to run our country for 1 year.

Just for thought, I beleive the current population in the U.S. is somewhere between 275 million to 300 million people. Think about it, congress just approved 2.36 trillion. The U.S. could give every american 1 million and still have plenty left. What could you and your family do with a cool 1 mil.

We better wake up.

Unbelievable. See Tim, ya got me started..........


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Oh and for the record, My political beliefs:

I am against Gay marriages.

I am against big government.

I am against liberal Discrimination policy.

I am against a war for some other country.

I am against paying taxes (Federal)

I am against gun control

I am against helmet laws

I am against reperations for anyone.

I am against welfare.

I am for family

I am for religion

I am for standing up.

I dont like Bush, I dont like Kerry

Hopefully this will clear the air weather I am republican or democrat. I guess you would say independant but I dont like them either.

Tim Smith

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A military veteran myself - I support the war in Iraq. I also agree with some of the stuff that you posted. Thats whats great about this country - We can agree or disagree and make it known.

In 2000, Bush ran his last election on the platform of bringing our troops home and stop being the police of the world. Believe me, for 4 years, I was away from my family 6 months out every year in Kuwait and Bosnia. I didn't like it at all, but I signed the dotted line and supported my Commander In Chief. That was Clinton at that time - its was hard to support him at times.

Iraq War - I support, but have some concerns. I know first hand, the strain that it puts on the military member and his family as well as his friends. I've also witness, first hand, countries that do not have freedom - We Americans, do not totally realize the greatness of this country. I've seen people get their hands chopped off in the middle of town - go to Kuwait and steal something - one thing for sure, you didn't see too many people with both hands chopped-off. I've witness kids starving and sick with no help. We have our problems, but theres no place like the USA.

Terrorist - They have target Americans for a long time. They made a mistake with the 9/11 tragedy. I say destroy them all until they are all gone.

Now to get on my soap box - The media stinks. CNN slants to the Democrats & FOX slants to the Republicans. Politics Stinks. It doesn't matter whats good for the people -- If a Republican is President, the Democrats constanly attempt to make the President look bad -- & the same goes if a Democrat is President. As of passing bills, its not about doing the right thing for the people. If the Democrats are proposing a bill, the Republicans will not vote for it, even if its good for the people - the same goes for the Republican. With all that said, Democracy is the backbone to this country.

Now you got me started...haha
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Let me just add to my rambling.

I served 4 years in the great United States Army. Spent most of those 4 in Ft. Sill Oklahoma. I would have done 20 because I liked it but when I seen the US Army boot out a veteren with 18 1/2 years in because he was overweight, thats when I decided to get out. I laughed at the re-enlistment NCO that was talkin up the town about how the military takes care of it own. It left a very bad taste in my mouth for the military. (ON PRINCIPLE). At this time, my mos was EOD or 55D and found myself working as a records clerk (NOT MUCH TO DO IN PEACE TIME). This is where I met the Command Sergent Major (ESCORT) and this E7 (Sergent First Class) and you should have seen the look on his face. Granted the guys folder was flagged for almost a year and the Army gave him that time to loose the weight but with 18 1/2 years in. Hell they could have found a corner to put this guy in for 1 1/2 years so that he could retire. Needless to say this really botherd me.

I respect our military and know it is the best in the world. I just do not see eye to eye with ya on the war effort. Do I dislike muslims because of 9/11, you bet. It will be a long time before I would trust a muslim. Hey their own (Koran) call us the evil empire not to mention the devil. You cant have the best of both worlds saying you are muslim and saying you love the America and our people.

When it comes to the media, they are what controls our thought process. You are 100% correct about fox tv - Republican bound and for CNN - Pro Democrat. The only one I even think about catching up on the news nowadays is MSNBC. They seem to have a mixture of both.

and..........................................Politics, always a lively conversation.

Tim Smith

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Your right about the media controlling our thought. People are like cattle - we just follow whats the media are telling us (no research) and they dictate how we vote. Example: Gov. Dean after his 2nd place in Iowa primary - was jumping on stage and talking with a stern voice - he was trying to fire up his supporters - the media betray it as agressive, having a temper, etc. Everybody jump on the Sen. Kerry band wagon and now he the Democratic President Canidate. The majority of the media is liberal and they wanted Sen. Kerry. My PaPa once told me, that a person can tell a story with two different meanings and still be telling the truth.

As of the military - I am 100% Pro-Military. I too seen things that should not have happen, but each time, the action taken by the military was in the rules. Weight loss is tough. You are told from day one about the weight standards. The military not only gives you adequate times (anywhere from 6 months to 18 months), they send you to a nurtrition class and give you time from your daily job everyday to excercise. Would I have kicked the guy out - No - I wouldn't have the heart to do so. Bottom line - You have follow the rules and be worldwide qualified.

I was medical out of the Air Force for my back. I fought three boards (three different attempts) to stay in - Finally, I couldn't perform my job due to chronic pain -Not worldwide qualified. I was a jet engine mechanic. I was in a very elite squadron, that only 1% of the Jet engine mechanics in the entire Air Force can be in. I travel the world, setting-up test cells and troubleshooting air crafts that nobody could fix. I was treated like a king. Once I hurt my back - I went from one of the top mechanics in the Air Force to a social security number. After all I gave to the Air Force, they ship me out against my will.

Joining the Air Force was the best thing that ever happen to me. It taught me, that my limitations are set by me and nobody else. It taught me "I Can" & "I Will" - It taught me discipline, pride, honor, and love for my country. I know that sounds like commercial, but if you knew who I was before the service and who I became during the service and after the service - you would understand why I feel the way I do.

sorry so long - got on a roll.
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