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I would love to see some pickup truck setups that are efficient and still capable of tackling big jobs. Whatchu got?

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That is one thing I do not see alot of around here. A few years back I saw a sweet looking dually that had the full package on it...reclaim, telescoping lights, electric reels....I mean it was sharp.

I would like to see some pics also if anyone has some.

I remember seeing good set up at my very first RT in Myrtle Beach in a pick up. Didn't have any type of reclaim on it though!!!
Here's my 01 Ford f250 7.3 liter Powerstroke diesel with the minimal set-up to bang out some commercial accounts. The hoses and wands are sitting in the bed. Also since this truck is a power house its also used to pull my 18' enclosed trailer at times. 7.3 liter Powerstroke diesel is the best engine IMHO that Ford had built to date. The 6.0 liter Diesel I am just so happy I sold that a few months back with all the problems that engine was having.

The year before thus pick truck had a 11gpm 4500 psi Rig in the bed but it was just to much for this truck because I really needed a larger water tank and between the PW Rig and burner there was no room for a large enough tank to keep this PW pumping.


Here's an early picture of one of my first trucks and one of the only vehicles I bought new in my life and it was a beaut. The classic Dodge Diesel Cummins. I bought this truck very cheap new and it had the 4x4 and some other options. I used this truck for around 6 yrs and then I traded it to my old partner and some cash to get a $45000 plus built in pool set-up for my girls. Man I miss that truck and so did my little girls but once the pool open up they forgot about the truck...Me I was happy for my girls but I really did miss that truck but Hey....Family is forever first...end of story.


and here is two recent disturbing pics of my f250 where for the first time ever I forgot to tarp it around x-mas time but everything was antifreezed..I never mess with that[wsmile]

I did Tarp the truck the second time around but I found a "Most disturbing hole in the transmission cover and this truck works fine. The hole is disturbing and as I type this that truck is in the shop so they can figure out what it is,,, It looks to be coming from inside out.


Since I posted this, Tim fields has bought that hot water skid in that truck, Ken Fenner has gotten married where Carlos G. was best man.....but... Whatever happened to Ant? I heard he sold his business yrs ago.

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