The Purple Deck

This was a fun one last fall. The previous homeowners were huge Vikings fans and "professional painters." Apparently they mixed house paint, linseed oil, and hardwood floor urethane to make their very own semitransparent purple. I had way too much fun mixing together a stripper for this mess.
Purple Deck.jpg
The new homeowner came home right as I started washing the floor. He looked a little like this---->[getout]

New Look

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Curious as to the man hours went into that Jake? I attempted to get into wood restoration about 8 years or so ago.....I do not have the patience for it.
About 5 hours to clean it because I had to play with the chems onsite for that goofy "sealer." Normally it would have taken 2.5-3. Sealing was about 3 hours solo without a sprayer.

New Look

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LOL....that would have taken me 2 days bro! I would rather deal with crap on a dumpster pad vs having to clean, sand and stain spindles.
I'd rather be doing pads too, but I've dug out a profitable little niche for decks the other guys can't strip. 5 years ago that deck would have been 2 days for me too. Wood's pretty simple once you get the chems and techniques. With your skills, a dozen decks and you'd nail it down.

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