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“Your Property Has The Right to Remain Spotless!”

Our Oath "Preserve & Serve"

You can trust our Wash Patrolmen to Preserve and Serve for your property and community.
We live by our Squad's oath, "Your Property Has the Right to Remain Spotless!"

Wash Patrol isn't your typical power washing company, we are a Squad of Academy trained washing experts. All of our Patrolmen are trained in a rigorous one month pressure cleaning training course called the Academy. Before graduating from the Academy all Wash Patrolmen must pledge an oath to swear their allegiance to Preserve and Serve! Graduates of the Academy become Rookie Patrolmen in our power washing force, and work their way up the
ranks all the way to Sargeant.

  • RESIDENTIAL WASHING - House Washing - Pool Deck Cleaning - Driveway Cleaning - Patio Cleaning - Concrete Cleaning - Window Washing -

  • Additional Pressure Washing & Sanitizing Services - Artificial Grass Cleaning - Patio Furniture Cleaning - Playground Equipment - Rust Removal - Stucco Cleaning - Garage Cleaning

  • COMMERCIAL WASHING - Concrete Cleaning -Building Washing - Gum Removal - Drive-Thru Cleaning - Dumpster Pad Cleaning - Window Washing

  • Wash Patrol Commercial Pressure Washing Services - Restaurant Cleaning - Shopping Cart Cleaning - Trash Compactors -

  • ARIZONA - Phoenix - Scottsdale - Gilbert - Chandler - Arcadia - Glendale - Tempe - Queen Creek - Prescott - Tucson - Goodyear - Mesa - Surprise - Peoria - Buckeye - Ahwatukee - Sun City - Oro Valley - Fountain Hills - Cave Creek - Paradise Valley -
  • NEVADA - Henderson - Reno - Tahoe - Las Vegas -

  • COLORADO - Colorado Springs - Boulder -

  • UTAH - Salt Lake City - West Valley City -

  • NEW MEXICO - Albuquerque - Las Cruces -

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1695331519381.png Deluxe: Pressure Washing to All Exterior Floors Surrounding Your Property. All concrete, sidewalks, Walkways, Patios, and Pavers.
1695332116021.png Supreme: Exterior Soft Washing the Entire Exterior of Your Home & Exterior Window Cleaning to All Windows on Your Property Using Pure Water
1695331654037.png Ultimate: Our Deluxe & Supreme Packages Combined! All Your Home’s Exterior, All Exterior Flooring Surrounding Your Home, & Exterior Windows!

Wash Patrol Sgt. Sudds Exterior Cleaning Supplies

We use our own line of Sgt. Sudds cleaning solutions!


Congratulations on Your Hard-Earned Success
Wash Patrol Arizona's Pressure Washing Service

"Your Property Has the Right to Remain Spotless!"

Thrilled to see that your Dedication &
Expertise have earned you a Spot in the Spotlight.

Your recent feature in renowned news outlets
Associated Press, CBS, NBC, Fox News, &
Clear Times
is a testament to your

outstanding work in the cleaning industry!

Your commitment to excellence in power washing, window cleaning,
carpet cleaning, & mobile cleaning has not gone unnoticed.
This recognition is well-deserved!

Keep up the Fantastic Work.
May this Milestone be just 1 of Many More to Come.
Your Journey of Success Continues, &
Excited to see where it Leads you Next!!!!!

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Ron Musgraves

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Hey Arizona, we know the struggle with the dust

Get ready to experience the beauty of your outdoor space
once again with Wash Patrol Patio Detailing Service!

  • Now, it's time to savor the gorgeous Arizona weather on a clean.
  • Take a Glimpse at a video of Ty With Wash Patrol in action of Cleaning a Patio.
  • ☀️ Don't let the dust steal your outdoor joy.
  • Get in touch with us today and let's make your patio shine!
Here's how it works:
  • Choose Your Package:
  • Select from Deluxe, Supreme, Ultimate - pick the one that suits your needs.
  • Schedule Your Cleaning: Pick a date that works for you.
  • Refresh Your Patio: Sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work.
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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Might with Wash Patrol's
Power Washing Franchise in America

Where Your Property Has The Right to Remain Spotless!
  • Embark on the Journey as a Wash Patrol Franchise Owner
  • Reach out today at (833) 630-WASH or via Email
  • Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Future with a Wash Patrol Franchise Opportunity
  • Join a Successful Team: The Power of the Wash Patrol Franchise
  • Enter a Lucrative Market: Meeting the Growing Demand for Power Washing
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  • Connect with Wash Patrol, America's Premier Power Washing Franchise
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Guardians of Cleanliness: Wash Patrol Ensures Immaculate Homes
️ Wash Patrol isn't just about cleaning - they're dedicated, academy-trained, certified experts in the cleaning craft. They're not merely erasing dirt; they're shielding your property from outside grime invasion! Proud members of prestigious organizations, ECO & BBB accredited, and PWNA certified. Count on Wash Patrol for an immaculate sanctuary and witness their mastery of cleanliness. Your property deserves the pinnacle of care! #WashPatrol #CleaningHeroes

Wash Patrol's Oath
Your Property Has The Right To Remain Spotless. They unleash grime-busting soap-spraying heroes to safeguard your space!

All Cleaning Detergents are Proudly Crafted by Wash Patrol.
Experience their Eco-Friendly products, gentle on the environment, tough on dirt.

Adorned with Accreditations.
Wash Patrol proudly wears its badges of excellence.

⚙️Equipped with Top-Of-The-Line Tools
To shield your home with the finest gear available in the cleaning realm.

With Tactical Attachments & the Expertise of Wash Patrol Trained Patrol Team. Your ensured the preservation of your property rights—safely and effectively!

A Wash Patrol Franchise Includes Everything You Need!

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Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 2.29.01 PM.png
Introducing Our Latest Squad Truck
Keeping Streets Grime-Free with

Wash P truck.jpeg

Discover the Superiority of Wash Patrol
Arizona's Premier Power Washing Company

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Many claim to offer exceptional service,
but we don't just claim it - we prove it, day after day!

️ Online Booking Made Easy Easily schedule your
next power wash service online! Whether
it's a one-time cleaning or joining our
Dirt Defense Membership program, it's just a click away.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Our team
undergoes rigorous Academy Training to
ensure expertise and excellence on your property.

Eco-Friendly Excellence We take pride in using
biodegradable, eco-friendly supplies and techniques,
earning us recognition as an
ECO Accredited power washing service company!

#WashPatrol #PowerWashingExcellence #EcoFriendlyCleaning

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