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    Has anyone franchise their business. I'm close to selling a franchise in the St. Louis & Memphis area. Just wondering if anyone had any input based on experience or reading, etc. I've research it, received attorney advice, the whole 9 yards - but would like some first hand experience on it. Its...
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    Advertising Co-Op

    My profit increase by 37.2% in a 12month period and so did others. I have different businesses begging to join. Our newest member "Samsung Hardware", just joined and they offer a 20% discount on sealant, paint, & stripper - and 10% off anything else in the store. They got in return, 11...
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    Advertising Co-Op

    Try to form a referral group with other companies that have the same customers as you do - not other pressure washing companies. Get a group of reputable business owners -- only one in each field: carpenter, roofer, painter, landscaper, electrition, plumber, etc. Create a tri-fold flyer...
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    passing flyers vs. yelllow book

    Yellow Pages are a must. Flyers will compliment your yellow pages.
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    tile roofs

    Yes, Chlorine is what you use in pools - be careful, it can harm you and vegetation if not use properly. You can get Chlorine and TSP at Lowes, Home Depot, Wal Mart. Its hard to rinse with the xjet - depends on the mold build-up.
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    I agree 100% with Dan. Also, develop a contract that can help relieve you from some liability.
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    tile roofs

    I've only done a couple. I mix in a 5 gal bucket: two gallons of chlorine, cup of soap, & 1-2 ounces of TSP, fill rest of bucket with water. Spay on roof, let set for 15-20 minutes and go to town. I spot spay the heavy (bad) spots and then spray entire roof with xjet. Its like...
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    cedar siding....

    I do a lot of cedar shake roofs & siding. What kind of sealant was last used on the home? Do you need to strip it? I use a percarbonate base cleaner and brighten with oxalic acid. Let your chemicals do the work - it will fur on you - use minimum pressure. Then I seal with Ready Seal...
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    I Have Work

    Where in Missouri?
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    Deck cleaner

    Scrub Brush ???? That sounds like too much work. Just use the proper chemicals instead.
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    Dirty asphalt shingles

    Country Living. I've had good success with it. Drove by a house the other day that I cleaned two years ago - roof still looked good.
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    Opinions on Bleach...

    John I agree.
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    Dirty asphalt shingles

    5 gallon bucket -- two gallons of chlorine, cup of soap, 2 oz of TSP, 3 gallons of water. Spray, let set for 20 minutes and rinse, not pressure wash - very low pressure. This works for me - With mixing any chemicals, be careful. This mix will harm vegetation, if your not careful.
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    Opinions on Bleach...

    albert I don't have to do a search - I know from experience. You can't back-up you statement. In the future, I will just disregard your comments.
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    Opinions on Bleach...

    If your going to say that Bleach will damage vinyl - there will be people that will question you - be ready to back up your statement with some facts.