deck cleaning

  1. Everett

    Complete Restoration Of Deck

    I haven't posted here in a long time so here goes. This is a deck where the homeowner wanted to sell the property and was told the deck was shot and needed to be removed and a new deck installed. We gave them the alternative do remove the horizontals, restore the verticals, do some small...
  2. D

    Grow your business

    Is your power washing company stuck in the 100-500k range? Let Drake business consulting come in and help you get to the next level. Drake is a new business founded by the owner of the biggest power washing company in the DC metro area. This company has been is business for nearly 20 years...
  3. M.Osterman


    Hey all, My name's Mike I'm a Marin Pressure Washer here in Nor Cal. I've been reading, reading and reading about this business. Seems like a fun way to spend your days. I hope to meet some of you at the Lock and Seal seminar next month. Best, Mike Osterman Marin Power Washing 415-878-6414