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I've been thinking (scary I know).

With the cost of everything on the rise, many of us are trying to find ways to save money or get more bang for our buck.

Advertising is so very necessary for growth, but its not cheap. What if we were to do what Ford does. In metro Detroit, you see a Ford ad and the announcer will say "this ad was brought to you by your local metro area Ford dealers"
These dealers all pitch in for the ad campaigns.

Whats not to say that we couldn't do the same. Get together with some local area wash companies - they don't have to be in your backyard - but local enough and place a good looking ad promoting the service vs the company name and state the ad is being brought to you by your local area power wash network.

Then list the phone numbers for each area i.e


Grand Rapids


The calls for your area would come directly to you.
Ok the smoke in the room is clearing, however, I can't quite make out your expression......


Tim Smith

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Try to form a referral group with other companies that have the same customers as you do - not other pressure washing companies.

Get a group of reputable business owners -- only one in each field: carpenter, roofer, painter, landscaper, electrition, plumber, etc.

Create a tri-fold flyer with each business name, logo, and phone number. Each member can display this at their place of business, hand them out to customers, put them on doors, etc.

You can do group target mailers, etc.

word of mouth --- example, a Heating & Air guy goes to repair a air condition and see a deck in need of being restored. He upsales your business by simply handing them a flyer and discussing your services. or A roofer goes to install a roof and sees mold on the siding.

You can meet once a month for lunch as a group. Each month, two members give a 5 minute spill on their services and if you want to get real organize, you can have a guess speaker - example, small business center director, small business loan manager, a marketing firm, etc.

You can develop a web site and give your referral group a name. For example if your in the county of Pemiscott -- The Pemiscott County Referral Group. Instant creditabilty. Each member puts this website on all their business letterhead, cards, etc.

You can start dues of $15.00 a month and put toward the advertisment of the dues.

The options are unlimited. The key is to bring in business that target your customers and have good reputations.

You can expand and invite businesses that provide services that the members use - example, insurance agency, banker, printers, advertisers, gas stations, paint store, hardware store, etc. The good thing about that is getting discounts. You contact a printer and tell them they can join a organization, where they may get the business from everyone in the group. They can offer a discount to the members and do all the mail-outs, etc.

I've seen it work first hand. Its awesome. You basically have develop a community of sales people.


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You are right on target with that concept. We've seen it in action here. On our web site we have affiliated with a deck care specialist, a roof cleaner and a painter. They specialize in their field and we specialize is ours.

Your idea carries it a bit further by opening up the affiliation on a more broader scale.


Tim Smith

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My profit increase by 37.2% in a 12month period and so did others. I have different businesses begging to join. Our newest member "Samsung Hardware", just joined and they offer a 20% discount on sealant, paint, & stripper - and 10% off anything else in the store. They got in return, 11 new contractors' accounts and are members of our referral group. Jim the owner of Samsung is going to start stocking shingles, and siding to serve our roof & siding contractors. Thats one example of many.

The PWNA could take this concept to another level - its just a matter of making it happen.

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