Anyone use concrete surface cleaners


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I have been looking at purchasing a concrete surface cleaner. I have looked at whirl a way as a brand but am open or any suggestions and advice on sizes. Thanks


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What units are you running 4 gal 5 gal 8 gal how much work do you have they are a must to have if washing a lot of flat work start with a 20inch


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I use 2 a 36 big guy, and 20" general..they are a must if you going to do a lot of big sq footage of concrete.

ACE Janitoria

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Parking lot cleaning

Hello Everyone:

I am going to start maintaining a commercial building with a concrete parking lot. I am doing my homework and am trying to determine if I should try and purchase used equipment or hire subcontractor to handle job. If I purchase equipment, what brand should I look at purchasing, cost of used power washer or what else should I look into? Thanks.


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If your using a Honda 11hp petrol engine is it powerful enough to power a 20 inch whirl away.My dealer told me to use a 16 inch pan but I noticed that he only had 16 inch pans. These pans/whril a ways are £500 thats a lot of cash. I'm working in Belfast N.Ireland.

How much are u guys across the pond paying for pans--I'm starting to do more commercial work so I need to buy a whirl a way---how much faster do they do a job ---thanks!

Mark Wood

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I to am looking to get a surface cleaner as I am doing alot more driveways and parking lots here latley. My unit is a Northstar with a 12 horse honda and CAT pump. It is a 4,000 PSI unit and puts out 3.5 GPM.
what size surface cleaner would anyone recommend and also what brands are the best? thanks.

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