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1694549545760.pngCatch Up With The SALES BOOST Live - Sep 6, 2023

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Click To Watch Tommy Mellow & Pat Clark Talk About...

  • Learn About The 10 Steps For Selling & Core Values
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  • Get Informational Content.
  • Implement It.
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  • Please Do The Homework.
  • Pat & Tommy Will Hold You Accountable Every Week.

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Join Community with Closers Live Wednesdays.

Hosted by the One & Only Pat Clark With
Sales Boost Live,
including Special Guests Marvin Salcido,

Jeremy Brooks, & Corey Edmonds.

The Focus this Session will be on Sales Strategies & Systems that are
essential for building a lasting and successful team.
Efficiency and Structure are Paramount
, they will delve into how you
systemize your business to facilitate growth.
  • Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your sales skills and knowledge.
  • Learn about the 10 Steps Selling Process.
  • This method is designed to help you master the art of selling.
  • Explore the intriguing concept of "By-Lymbically Selling."
  • Which will offer you valuable insights into a unique approach.
  • But that's not all It's time to make Sales, Learn, and Grow Together.
  • Learn the 19 Key Points to make a significant difference in your sales game.
  • To keep you on track an motivated, weekly homework will assigned by our experts.
Let's Come Together as a Community of Closers &
Join Forces with Pat Clark to Elevate Your Sales Game.

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Catch up with Community With Closers With Pat Clark

- Sales Sales Sales -
100 Ways To Improve Your Sales Success

-Some Great Tips To Boost Your Sales-

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Community with Closers
Hosted By Pat Clark
Special Guest Brandon Vaughn

Watch Sales Boost Live

Mastering the Art of Contractor Cleaning Sales

The 10 Steps to Success

In the realm of Contractor Cleaning / Pressure Washing, mastering the art of
sales is paramount. You want to establish trusting and cultivating enduring
customer relationships are essential. The "10 Steps to a Sale" series
will help you navigate through this path successfully. Here are the steps
that will help you elevate your contractor cleaning business.

Step 1: Measure Your Job in 3 Phases
Before you begin any cleaning project, break it down into three phases: A, B, and C. Customize your approach based on what the customer needs and what will provide the best results.
  • Phase A: Deliver exactly what the customer requests, and add what's necessary to meet the minimum standards. (Package A)
  • Phase B: Provide what the customer asks for, while also recommending essential additions that enhance the cleaning experience. (Package B)
  • Phase C: Go the extra mile by offering a comprehensive package that includes everything possible to leave the property spotless. (Package C)
Step 2: Pre-Inspection & Value Stacking
Start with a thorough pre-inspection of the property. During this time, think about how you can continually improve your services with each visit. Value stacking involves exceeding the customer's expectations consistently.

Step 3: Re-Walk the Entire House
After measurement and inspection, take another walk through the entire house. This ensures you haven't missed any details. You want your recommendations align with the customer's needs.

Step 4: Data Entry and Pricing Questions
Take a moment in your vehicle to enter job information accurately. If you have pricing questions, contact your sales manager before returning to the customer.

Step 5: Share Your Company Story
Take the opportunity to share your company's story with the customer. Explain when and how your company started, emphasizing its commitment to integrity and honor.

Step 6: Teach and Preach
Rather than just selling your cleaning services, focus on teaching the customer how your expertise can benefit them. Help them understand the value of your services in solving their cleaning challenges.

Step 7: Center on Helping the Customer
Place the customer's needs at the forefront. Listen actively, ask questions, and tailor your recommendations accordingly.

Step 8: Be Respectful and Treat the Customer Like Family
Build a strong rapport with the customer by treating them with the same respect and care you'd offer to a family member. If your company is family-owned, highlight this connection.

Step 9: Share Personal Touches
To establish a personal connection, consider sharing a photo of your own family. This humanizes the interaction and helps the customer relate to you.

Step 10: Invite Them to Join Your Company Family
Express that your company is like a family, and you are the cousin, uncle, or aunt that everyone likes. Assure the customer that your company is dedicated to serving their needs.

The "10 Steps to a Sale" serve as a clear roadmap to excel in the
Pressure Washing / Contractor Cleaning Industry. By implementing these
steps, your chances of securing contracts increase significantly. It's essential
to understand that success goes beyond merely cleaning. Your goal is to
establish enduring relationships with your customers. Always keep in mind
that building trust, upholding integrity, and fostering a familial atmosphere
within your company are vital elements that will deeply resonate with your clients.​
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Watch Sales Boost Live Community With Closers
Elevating Your Sales & Presentation Skills

Watch Pat Clark & Special Guest Dave from Carolina Pros

as they share valuable insights into boosting your sales, effective product presentation, and service delivery. In this session, we'll delve into essential
aspects of Installation, Product Presentation, and Product Services Presentation
to enhance your sales skills.

Please Message Sales boost/The Science Of The Sale
Facebook Page
For "The 10 Steps To A Sale" Document

Installation/Production Presentation:
  1. Employee Quality Cleaning: Highlight the importance of having a well-trained team dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning services.
  2. Training Your Professionals: Discuss the significance of continuous training to ensure your professionals stay at the cutting edge of industry standards.
  3. Science-Informed Solutions: Emphasize your commitment to using scientifically-backed solutions and hundreds of formulas to achieve optimal results.
  4. Client Relationship Building: Share strategies for nurturing strong relationships with your clients and enhancing the credibility of your warranties.
  5. Employee Appreciation: Express the idea that your employees are the brightest and smartest in the business. Show them appreciation and invest in their growth.
  6. Empower Your Team: Encourage thorough employee training, enabling them to excel within your company and even potentially run their own location. Focus on making every team member leave your company better than when they joined.
Product/Service Presentation:
  1. Unique Selling Proposition: Explain how your company sets itself apart from the competition by prioritizing the protection and preservation of your customers' assets.
  2. Highlight Benefits: Showcase how your products and services are designed to enhance, not damage or shorten, the life expectancy of your clients' investments.
  3. Educate About Solutions: Educate your customers about the specific products and services you offer, emphasizing their suitability for addressing their unique needs.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Discuss the importance of aligning your offerings with what's best for the customer, and explain why your services are the ideal solution.
  5. Guarantee/Warranty Assurance: Instill confidence in your customers by highlighting the strength of your guarantees and warranties.
  6. Visual Demonstrations: Utilize video footage from your previous jobs to remind customers of their problems and the severity of those issues.
  7. Showcase Quality Work: Share a portfolio book containing before-and-after photos of your high-quality work to provide tangible evidence of your expertise.
Engaging in this Sales Boost Live Community Session will equip you with valuable insights and actionable advice to improve your sales methods, product showcasing, and service delivery. Keep in mind that achievement in the cleaning and service sector isn't solely determined by your offerings but also by how effectively you present them and cultivate enduring connections with your clientele.​

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Save the Date For
Wed October 11th!
Set your reminders!

Revolutionize your sales game with Sales Boost Live
"Community With Closers" Series
  • Hosted by the renowned Pat Clark & featuring the brilliant Jim Burlison as a guest.
  • This event is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to boost their sales skills.
  • Take you business to the next level With Sales Boost
  • #SalesBoostCommunity #SalesMastery #SellBetterAndBetter
  • Follow Them on YouTube & Facebook Live pages to stay updated.

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Don't Miss Exclusive Training Event Brought to you
by POWERWASH.com & Power Wash Academy
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Pat Clark - Sales Boost
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Watch The Latest Episode 10/18/23
Community With Closers on Spotify!
Hosted by Pat Clark
#SalesSuccess #CustomerExperience #TrustBuilding
  • This Episodes Special Guest is Chuck Thokey
Chuck's working on an innovative High Tech Platform and transforming the industry.
All While creating unique business approaches that go beyond the ordinary.

  • In this Episode They Conclude the Dynamic 10 Steps to a Sales Series:
They focus on the Crucial Paperwork Phase, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
From setting a 30% Max Down Payment for company owners to offering a 5% Discount
for cash payments. They share the importance of making all transactions easy and enjoyable.

  • After Sealing the Deal, They believe in Post-Close Phase:
Experience a New Journey of Trust & Growth with Clients. You want to express gratitude,
explain the next steps clearly, and assure customers of your dedicated assistance. Let
them know that Sales Manager or Owner will give them a personal Welcome Call,
establishing a Family-Like Bond. It's Crucial to Emphasize Trust-Building, from sharing
your cell phone numbers to seeking feedback.

It's about Honesty, Continuous Improvement, & Nurturing Enduring Customer Relationships!
"Community With Closers"

With Host Pat Clark
Sales boost/The Science Of The Sale

Featuring Special Guest
Trevor Steel - Clean Image Pressure Washing

Key Theme:
"In the role of an owner, you are the leader, responsible for ensuring that your team is effectively implementing the knowledge and skills you've imparted"

Watch The Video Here!
  • They delve into their experiences during the 2008 Round Table Days, reflecting on their entry into the industry and how times have changed since then. Back in 2008, "Crushing It" had a different meaning compared to 2023, as growth in the industry has become exponential. Trevor's unique journey involved building his business while in high school, with just two full-time employees. His creative approaches even led to homeschooling and earning his diploma ahead of his peers. His driving force was to defy expectations and not be labeled as another high school statistic.
  • Trevor's path took a turn when he sold his business, but circumstances shifted in 2019, prompting him to return to the pressure washing industry after a brief stint in real estate. Both his businesses experienced growth. His success was fast-tracked through coaching, attending Sales Boost, and refining processes that were initially overlooked. The key to his transformation was a shift in mentality: not forcing outcomes, adhering to established systems, listening to mentors, and avoiding known or potential pitfalls.
  • An important lesson to take away is the concept of having one ladder to climb, where you eventually meet someone who presents an opportunity. When you have someone to guide you who has been through it all, your perspective changes. Establishing systems within your company is crucial, but providing your employees with the tools, training, demonstrations, and role-play experiences to ensure their success is equally important.
  • You want to teach new employees to follow the company systems, attend sales meetings, and engage in role-playing to equip them to effectively communicate and execute the company's strategies. As the owner and leader, it's essential to ensure that your team is implementing what they've learned, and you're not just overseeing them like a babysitter. If you're not offering the necessary support and tools for your employees to succeed, the responsibility ultimately falls on the leader.
  • Shift your mindset towards improving your employees' skills and providing them with the guidance and resources they need. Implement a tracking system to follow up and ensure that your technicians have a solid understanding of their tasks. Gathering customer reviews can help you assess your employees' performance and sales appointments. Ultimately, it's the leader's responsibility to nurture a culture of continuous improvement and success within the company.

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