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Meet Caleb Roth check his exhilarating journey into the mysteries of Gopher Wood!
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What is Gopher Wood?
Gopher Wood isn't your run-of-the-mill timber. It's a legendary, mentioned in ancient texts like the Bible's Noah's Ark story! Known for its durability and water-resistant properties. This wood has intrigued craftsmen for centuries.

The Quest for Gopher Wood
Venture with Caleb as he uncovers the elusive Gopher Wood. From historical accounts to modern-day theories, witness the search for this enigmatic material that's said to withstand the test of time.

Crafting Wonders...
Caleb transforms Gopher Wood into masterpieces! From artisanal furniture to stunning sculptures, witness the magic as he brings out the best of this remarkable timber.

Unveiling the Secrets
The secrets behind Gopher Wood's resilience. Why it's revered among craftsmen worldwide. Caleb delves into its unique characteristics and shares insights that'll inspire woodworkers of all levels!

Join the Journey
Ready to embark on this captivating adventure with Caleb and Gopher Wood? Stay tuned for exclusive insights, tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into this extraordinary woodworking realm!

Kris Meyer


Gopher Wood Stole the Show at #FenceTech2024

Gopher Wood brought Their A-Game to #FenceTech2024!

This record breaking event was turning heads and sparking conversations! The Quality of Gopher's Exclusive Pre-Stain Lumber is creating stunning fence designs to innovative applications! A Remarkable Celebration of Creativity & Craftsmanship.

Gopher Wood Networking Extravaganza.
Making #FenceTech2024 for exciting connections with newcomers. The vibes were electric as professionals from the fencing industry united to share insights, and exchange ideas. Explore the endless possibilities of working with this exceptional wood.

Learning & Growing Shoutout to the American Fence Association.
Thanks for hosting this incredible event! Gopher Wood soaked up knowledge from industry experts. As well as staying at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies in the fencing world.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Everyone Who Stopped by the Gopher Wood Booth!

Gopher Wood & The Team was thankful for those who contributed to the discussions, and made #FenceTech2024 a memorable experience! Your enthusiasm and passion for quality craftsmanship truly make a difference.

Stay Inspired As Gopher Wood Continues its Journey!
Stay tuned for more exciting updates! Get the behind-the-scenes peeks, and the latest trends in the world of wooden wonders. Follow #GopherWoodAdventures to join the ongoing saga of innovation and excellence!

✨ Until Next Time As the Curtains Close on #FenceTech2024!
Gopher Wood looks forward to future adventures, and collaborations. Especially all the endless possibilities that lied ahead. Let the flow of creativity commence, and may the fences stand tall, enchanted by the magic of Gopher Wood! ✨

Kris Meyer

As Spring Approaches, It's Time to
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Your Outdoor Paradise!
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Say Hello to Gopher Wood Elegance!
Located at 346 Old Liberty Rd, Alexandria, TN

Prepare to be dazzled by Gopher Wood Exclusive

Factory Finished Cedar!
It's been meticulously Stained & Sealed on all 6 sides.
Boasting a Mesmerizing Chestnut Brown Semi-Transparent Finish.

Dial (615) 529-1010 to Revolutionize
your Customers' Fence Dreams.

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Kris Meyer

Discover the Excellence of Gopher Wood!
A Leader in Factory-Finished Lumber Solutions that Preserve & Elevate your Fence.

Stand Out with Gopher Wood' Superior Fencing Solution.
CALL at 615-529-1010
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Welcome to Gopher Wood, where tradition meets innovation in factory-finished lumber. Their flagship product, Gopher Wood. Stands as a testament to durability and aesthetic perfection in the privacy fence market. Each piece of our kiln-dried cedar lumber undergoes meticulous staining and sealing. Then all six sides ensure a flawless finish and unparalleled protection.

At Gopher Wood, they don't just Provide Premium Pre-Stained & Factory-Finished Wood Fence Materials. They transform your lumber into a high-value product. Through a specialized finishing process, they upgrade your existing materials to Gopher Wood. Benefit by adding value, longevity, and beauty to each board.

Gopher Woods, dedication to quality and attention to detail. Now Gopher Wood the preferred choice for distributors and dealers who prioritize excellence for their customers. With selective distribution, they guarantee that their partners receive dedicated support. Plus premium products, including an exclusive pre-stained and factory-finished cedar and other lumber options.

Are you ready to enhance your offerings with top-tier, pre-stained, & factory-finished fencing materials? Join AN AWESOME Network & let Gopher Wood elevate your lumber with expert finishing services. transforming it into the distinguished Gopher Wood brand.

Cost Effective Solution
Gopher Wood offers long-term savings due to its superior durability and low maintenance requirements.

High-Quality Manufacturing
Our factory finishing process guarantees uniform quality and superior protection against the elements.

Ease of Installation
The ready-to-install nature of Gopher Wood reduces labor costs and time, simplifying the installation process.

Eco-Friendly Choice
The ready-to-install nature of Gopher Wood reduces labor costs and time, simplifying the installation process.

Aesthetic Appeal
The rich, consistent finish enhances curb appeal, and makes for a visually appealing privacy fence.

Reliable Performance
Offers peace of mind with its proven durability and resistance to warping and fading, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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