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Originally posted by oneness
If your HOA won't allow signs on the truck, what do you do with the trailer at night? Garage?

Man I love living away from town...I have more neighbors than I'd care for, but no one is going to hassle me for working on the truck in the yard, or for the car and truck that don't run, or the old RV, or the 500 gallon water tank that's been sitting in the front yard for over a year (until this weekend...wife talked me into pushing it into the backyard... :) ) I can leave my rig parked in front of the house, and the only problem I have is all the dust from the dirt road and the morons who think it is smart to drive 60 down a limerock road...And as Larry pointed out in a different thread, I can pee in the yard if I want to.

For some reason the old Green Acres TV show comes to mind.

Are you Mr Haney?


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Hell, If I have to run to town and I don't need the trailer, I just drop it and leave it in front of the house. It would be nothing for someone to back up to it and haul it off, but I've never had to worry about that kind of stuff out here...I have several thousand dollars in tools and equipment on the carport, and nothing has ever gone missing in all the years I've lived here.


Wouldn't do that here... And I am surprised you can do that there in Florida.

The way you were talking, I thought that you were in Kentucky or Tennesee, or there abouts...

Larry L.

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I never lock nothing here,I used to leave the keys in all..

Never have had anything missing until last year,They stoled my work truck.Still have several dallors setting outside but now I no longer leave the keys in nothing and I lock the house now too.If he had stolen one of the show trucks or the vettie I would have k---ed the S.O.B.(son of biscuit eater),the keys were in those too.All he had to do was knock on the door and ask,I would have loaned or taken him somewhere even tho he was running from the law...drug deal gone bad and a stranger to my area.


Living in the country has its pluses and minuses...

I live in between, so I get both ends of the spectrum...

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I rent a garage on a local farm. He has several garage buildings........and built a new one last year. The garage he was building was to be 50' long and 36' deep.........with four 10' wide overhead doors.

Before he started construction, I asked him to put an overhead door on the short side, so I could back my truck in whole..........truck and trailer. He went a step better........he actually made me a completely seperate section behind the other garage, but with a shared roof. My new garage is 47' deep and 13' wide. The door is 10' wide, and 11' high.

I drive my car back and forth to the garage, and leave the truck and trailer in the garage, already hitched up, every night. I love it. I dont have a HOA in my neighborhood (even though its fairly new and most do).............but even without the rules, I still wouldnt want my work trucks in my 'hood.

I like having them in seperate locations, and it keeps my employees from coming to my house.



Image is everything. That is real good looking equipment. I remember the days when I started. I had an 81 Datsun rust bucket with a 4000 PSI cold water unit, a 30 gallon chem tank and 200' of hose. That was 11 years ago. Now I have an F-150, an Astro Van and two trailers now using hot/cold pressure.

How is business in Riverside, CA? Looks like it's treating you well.


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Must be a Ford thing...I had my entire dashboard catch fire years ago
Funny thing. I did a pressure washing job for a foundation of a house which caught fire. I pressure washed the foundation walls and the floor. They needed it cleaned so they can do tests to see if the foundation was salvagable. It was also my highest paying job so far. $315. It was a tough one though. The foundation was nowhere near level and all the water kept gathering back up in the back corner. Had to buy a huge squegee to finish the job.

Well anyways the guys house was gutted by the fire from where his truck caught fire. It was a ford truck. He also told me he got a recall notice on his truck a few weeks after. Aparently on the 1997 ford trucks the cruise control switch was going bad in them and catching trucks on fire.

Well he bought a new GMC truck this time.

I like the setup. I bet that diesel pulls that big trailer nice. Hopefully one day when I get bigger I can get me a nice Hot Water system and a larger truck to pull it with. I doubt My regular cab S-10 can handle that trailer load you got.

My dream setup which I'm hoping for 1 day is a 4door Nissan Titan with a Nice Hot Water system. But for now my setup will do.

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