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I would like to introduce myself. I have read many of the topics discussed in the forums. You guys are very helpful. After finding this site, I realize there are true professionals here. I admit I am a part timer. I work a full time job as quality control for a large concrete company. However, I do share the same values of doing a job right and not leaving customers with bitter feelings. Nor do I try to low ball anyone else. Though, my phone doesn't ring off the hook anyway. Pressure washing for me is theraputic. In my business, I usually don't see the results of things I do daily for months. I really enjoy seeing the instant results I get from Pressure Washing. I hope that I can grow this thing, and can say I enjoy what I do for a living. I certainly have doubts and fears about stepping out on that limb. Most of the work I've done is residential. I learned the hard way I was not equipped for very large jobs. I guess if I had a question, it would be: Does anyone have advice for someone like me to grow my business as legitimately as possible. I mean, I don't want to be the jackleg down the road with no insurance or anything, but presently I don't see how people afford it. "I know you can't afford not to have it either." Like I said earlier, my phone isn't ringing off the hook. I hate to admit it, I started with the flyers and yard signs. any advertising advice wouldbe appreciated too. Or, with my current situation, should I advertise or just take jobs as they come. One thing I've noticed when cleaning mold and mildew off of concrete is that it tends to have a rusty orange color when it dries. Any ideas why? Well that is enough for now, thanks in advance for any help.

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Well 3511, Here is my take on your situation!

I would never ever suggest you operate without Ins. That would be your first mistake. It's one thing to want to be in business as compared to have to be. With that said; most of us operate and have provided a weathy income doing what we do.It did not come overnight. If you truly want to be in this business you will have do ALL that is required for start up. Because if you dont somebody else will and you will invested your time for nothing because they would be the ones who gets the jobs.Image is a very important thing. Your full time job I bet if you asked them about Ins. they would also tell you that they could not operate without it.Getting contracts is nothing more then getting out on the streets and talking to people. Talk to business owners, Go right to the man/Lady who makes the dissions.Most contracts that you may bid on require you to have proff of Ins. That is another bonus to you.
I know Im rabbling and I will stop I hope I didnt scare you away???

Im sure now that the conversation has started you will find that you will get more replys sit on it and read each one and then make your move!!

Oh!! welcome to the network Hope 'ya stick around!!

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