I'll break the ice!

Clean County

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Hey Tony,
Cute kids. Your breaking them in already. Makes me think about getting my girls(age 2 and 7) started when there around 12. Oh forget about that My wife just put the squash on it. Maybe I should get my wife out there with me hmmmmm...considering that she gets most of the cash anyway.:D :D

Clean County

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Fast question. On that picture above with you youngest son by that deck what stain did you use on it. It looks mint. Could that be Ready Seal??


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That deck is stained with TWP CedarTone 101.

I use TWP specifically because of that color. It is my most popular, with at least 60% of my customers requesting it.

I wish ReadySeal had a similiar color. I think it holds up better than the TWP does. Of course that could be attributed to the darker colors or ReadySeal.

One thing I like about the TWP is that it strips easily with methoxyethanol based strippers which seem to be easier on the wood than sodium hydroxide. I have not yet stripped a deck with ReadySeal so I have no data yet if it strips as easily.

I have a lot of long term customers, and sooner or later all the decks will need to be stripped and started from scratch. I'd prefer to not have to use the s/h based strippers if I don't have to.


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Great Lighting Dan!

I'm a Professional Photographer from N.C. and use to photograph kids and family. But now we mainly do Weddings & Bridal Portraits. The only time we do kid portraits are when the bride brings their kids back later. I really like how you have the lighting and how you shadowed the baby's right side on her face. You should enter some contests. If you would like to see my website, you can go to www.DayBreezePhoto.com

If you ever need any help in photography, just let me know.

GOD Bless!
Dana Stamey, DayBreeze Photography

P.S. The reason I'm on this board is that I'm starting a pressure cleaning business soon ( years ago did PW ).

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