Just Starting Out


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About to embark on what I believe will be a very rewarding journey!
Funds are limited but I will begin by purchasing a 3800 Psi Cold water unit, working closely with my marketing manager, obtaining insurance, starting an LLC, and possibly joing the PWNA and limiting my scope of business to just residential to start out.
If there are any further recommendations PLEASE advise; e.g. Chemicals start up kit, networking opportunities in central VA etc.
Thanks in advance.



Glad to have you Steven!
The best advice I can give is to stick to take it 1 skill at a time. Whether it's housewashing or decks or whatever, get good at 1 of them, and sell the heck out of it.
As for chemicals, there are a ton of old threads on here about how to clean this and that, and the search function works great. So read and read, and if you have any questions about them, reply to the thread.
Also, if you get a chance, fill in your signature line with your business contact info. It's a little housekeeping rule we have. You can find it by clicking on FORUM ACTIONS at the top, then on GENERAL SETTINGS.
Thanks! and Welcome!


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Another thing to mention, FORGET about the PSI of the machine unless you are trying to cut concrete or steel. You need Gallons Per Minute or GPM. Read some more before you walk the plank because a 2.5 gpm machine will take you 4x longer to do the same job as a 4 gpm machine.


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Good advice from Pat. You need flow for your machine, not pressure, and you need a comprehensive marketing plan. In fact, you need the marketing plan and budget more than you need anything else.

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