Opinions on Bleach...

Is it OK to use bleach on wood?

  • Yes

    Votes: 62 29.1%
  • Sometimes

    Votes: 73 34.3%
  • Absolutely not

    Votes: 58 27.2%
  • Don't Know

    Votes: 20 9.4%

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Tim Smith

New Member
If your going to say that Bleach will damage vinyl - there will be people that will question you - be ready to back up your statement with some facts.


New Member
Do an search engine and find out for yourself. I have several jobs to do this week and next. Do what most other people do in this place -- search and find the answers for yourself!

Tim Smith

New Member

I don't have to do a search - I know from experience.

You can't back-up you statement. In the future, I will just disregard your comments.

Michael T

New Member
Craig, Good to see you around. Havent missed too much, or maybe ya have. LOL Hows everything around Killeen, Copperas Cove?

Craig Knight

New Member

I am more in between Tyler and Waco.....but to answer your question, just another day in paradise!! No complaints here. As it has been said before, "Just living my life....easy come....easy go"

john orr

New Member
I just had to add my 2 cents...If bleach will harm vinyl, how can it be transported and stored in plastic without eating through it? Hmmm.

Michael T

New Member
Obviously John, you havent done a search to find out. Or...... If you dont know, Im not going to tell you. Duh ! LOL

Forgive me, Im a little punchy.

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
stored in plastic without eating through it? Hmmm.

hmmm even acid comes in plastic,,in time tho it will dry the plastic which will break like glass....could be....hmmm


New Member
More importantly...if bleach/chlorine is so toxic, how come wecan swim in it???? The key ingredent was stated earlier in the post...copious amounts of water.

Back to the ORIGINAL poll (this thread actually started as a poll on who uses bleach on wood, remember?). I am still on the fence when it comes to using bleach. I mean, look at the poll results, which were voted on by A LOT of PROFESSIONALS!

I have a question, also. It is often said that is is great/safe/etc. to use bleach on wood when diluted properly. What is the proper dilutions? I'm betting there is more than onescenario for how much to use, and if so, how about listing a few of the most common scenarios of when it is "good" to use bleach. Again, I am still on the fence, with basically no opinion at all because I am confused by all the expert advice on this subject.

Mike Gwas

New Member
If I have told you once I will tell you again.... Don't use it !!!!! You do not need it..... Show me the deck that needs it and I will show you how to clean with out it.... Is that to the point enough for you ????


New Member

I know there are OTHER ways to clean decks without using bleach because I have been using these chemicals myself (I have yet to use bleach on a deck). However, bleach and/or chlorine is WAY less expensive than using Sodium Percarbonate or Sodium Hydroxide! If it works just as well and is a lot cheaper...why not use it?

Can someone PLEASE explain to me how bleach is harmful to wood, yet sodium hydroxide is quite ok? I put my finger in straight chlorine or bleach...not much happens. Try that with straight sodium hydroxide and watch as the caustic burns appear.


New Member

We use bleach have been using it for over 10 years.I have yet to see any product to kill the "mold spores" except for bleach.Houston has lot's of mold and we've found nothing to kill mold but bleach!
I use Sodium hydroxide to strip there is nothing better.I've never have had a finish fail on me cause didn't use Oxcalic acid or any other brightner instead of bleach.
Pic i'm showing was heavy mildew i p/washed then bleached


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Hey bigred I think your wasting your time covering plants, shrubs, whatever. We have been powerwashing for 18 years and have not lost anything. Just keep prewetting, wet again, and when you think that you have wet enough, wet some more. Just letting you in on our little secret. And as far as bleach I am not afraid to say that in the beggining we also used bleach and did not ruin anything. We do things a little different but it doesn't hurt to use as a brightner at the end of restoring a deck.

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