Window Washer Electrocuted in L.A.

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Window washer electrocuted in Huntington Beach
March 29, 2011 | 10:04 am

Window A man washing windows at a Huntington Beach medical office building was electrocuted Tuesday morning when he accidentally touched overhead power lines with a metal pole, fire officials said.

The man was using a brush on a long extension pole with a water hose attachment to clean the windows of a three-story building on the 17700 block of Beach Boulevard about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, officials said. He was trying to work around a tree when the pole came in contact with the power lines.

"It immediately electrocuted and killed him on the spot," said Jeff Lopez, deputy fire marshal for the Huntington Beach Fire Department.

Firefighters found the man's body on the sidewalk, his clothing burned.

His name was not released because his family had not yet been notified.

As a precaution, authorities briefly evacuated the building and cut off power to the surrounding area.


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That is very sad for his family. He had no clue what happened but for those living...very sad indeed.
I lost my brother to a job site accident. We can never be to cautious working with water around electricity.


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yes that is bad ..... I don't do windows but it could happen on a home as well...... my Dad was killed by accident as can happen to everyone be careful
This just shows the dangers that are involved when window cleaning. My thoughts are with his family.

Welcome Daza Rooney to the PWN. Sad situation for sure.

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Always do a pre-work walk through and look for any hidden dangers or obstacles and always use extreme caution around anything having to do with electricity.

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