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    Need Expert Help

    Jim, Just today I was researching how to go about staining garage floors. Talked to a concrete supplier company about some stains they handle that includes the acid in the stain. Their samples looked great and the process seemed much easier and shorter than most that I have come across...
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    show your support ............. NOW

    This is good I know this is a little long, but I thought it was so good I wanted to pass it on. If you're wondering, it's not at all about being a democrat or republican, but about being a citizen of the greatest country on earth, and about supporting all the men and women who are fighting to...
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    who knows what?

    Homeshow results Hey Dan, We got through the home show and I thought I'd share my experience and maybe offer a tip or two. We had around 9000 folks go through the show. I wound up with at least 15 good prospects to follow up on. One job could be in the 10,000 or so range! At...
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    who knows what?

    Dan S, I can't speak from experience, but I've got my first home and garden show coming up Feb 14-16 and thought I would share what I have planned for it. I have a 15x25 booth ($450 for 3 days, estimated 9000 people) and plan to hang a large blue tarp for a backdrop. On the backdrop I'll...
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    Reflective Lettering

    Paul, That was indeed the thread I couldn't locate! Thanks
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    Reflective Lettering

    Mel, I'm still in the early stages of starting up. I live in a very rural area and have only done 4 or 5 jobs. I'm not full time but am working with that as my goal. As far as responses to the lettering, not many people have had the opportunity to see it. I've not yet even had a single...
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    Try this . . .
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    learning to reduce image test
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    Reflective Lettering

    How to reduce picture size? I noticed that the picture came out fairly blurred after I reduced it to fit the board. Anybody using Corel Photo House or MGI Photo Suite know how to reduce an image without losing quality? Edited later. . . OK, I managed to reduce the image above in MGI...
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    Reflective Lettering

    Hi All, A week or two ago, someone on one of the BBS was wanting a picture of sign letters that would show up at night when lights hit them. I searched quite a while but couldn't find the thread so I thought I would post it here. Maybe they'll see it. The picture was taken at night, no...
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    Red Clay stains

    Chuck, I did a new construction job a few weeks ago where the mud left that red stain on white paint. Tried really hard to get it off but couldn't. Fortunately, I was prepping the job for the painters to do their final work. I saw the painters at the site the next day and one of them said...
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    Hi all I've noticed a few new faces (avatars) lately so I thought I would go ahead and give you a headache with mine. It seems like there are an awful lot of "Davids" on the PW BBS. Even I have been getting confused! BTW, thanks to everyone who contributes to this board. I'm just...
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    New equipment setup - advice wanted!

    Thanks Mark. This is useful info! David Williams
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    New equipment setup - advice wanted!

    Mark, Thanks for the info. If the 2021 were actually delivering 6gpm @ 3500psi, does that imply that the PW mfg. has "tweaked" (by increasing the rpm?) the pump higher than intended by General Pumps? If yes, will this greatly affect the life of the pump? David Williams
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    New equipment setup - advice wanted!

    Hey Mark, The pump is a general 2021. My post should have said a 21 hp motor and not a 20. What's on your mind that you would ask about which pump? I'd appreciate any input you want to give. David Williams