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    Anyone Use 10 GPM Machines?

    Yes, I use a 10GPM for larger commercial building & residential washes that have great water flow. Especially love it if er are using the dedicated pump for application and the 10GPM for rinsing.
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    Houston Pressure Washing Training Event

    Our next Difference Maker school is February 8,9 right here in Houston Texas.....if you are starting a pressure washing business or are new to the industry this will be a great training event to attend. Follow the link to register...
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    Maybe this will will help someone else...

    Doing Fantastic, how are you Mark...Happy New Year
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    New member

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    Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School 2013

    Our 2020 school pressure washing and roof cleaning schedule is available and can be viewed here. You can also click on our FAQ's page for more information. As always...
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    HAVS Syndrome

    Yes you should get used to it....and it should go away assuming you did not cause some sort of injury and its just soreness. You should get a trigger gun that much easer to keep in the hold position and it will bless tiresome on you. Here is link to the one I use and we also...
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    Swirls on new tile

    Your going to have to try and restore it. Contact Craig Harrison at and he can guide you or proper steps and procedures.
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    Taginator or Elephant Snot for Brick

    NEITHER REALLY....I USE BARE BRICK from Worlds Best....taginagtor I used one time and got some on my skin and burned badly......elephant Snot I have never used
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    New name for new surfactant

    We use this now and sell a lot of it....great for house washing and roof cleaning and also has a scent
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    Welcome to PWN
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    Welcome to PWN
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    Gutter cleaning

    Interesting on the spray on and spray off....never seen that in a product. Usually always need some type of agitation expect on the really white shiny ones. Those we can spray on and spray off.
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    Soft Wash System Roof Cleaning

    We also have these available in 12V Models..
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    specialized foliage protection

    Sounds like the old edger thing from a few years back
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    Soft Wash System Roof Cleaning

    If you are need of a soft wash system for roof cleaning, you will want to look at this system. Comes complete with the pump, reel, hoses, gun, nozzles, and the mixing unit so you don't have to batch anymore.