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  • If you have questions for me text me at 281.883.8470. If you are wanting answers to general questions and want more than one response, then yes, starting a new thread is best
    Hi Doug, looking for quick answers to my questions. Is entering threads the best way to go about it

    Thank you
    Hey. I am really interested in your school. I'm 24 living in Toronto, I would like to attend sometime in March. I started my business last summer. I do residential work mainly decks, driveways and pool patios. I notice how you are strong believer in the Seal N Lock systems. I would really like to learn it and purchase one of their battery powered sprayer systems. (the rollers and garden sprayers weren't efficient to do the huge interlock driveways I was getting asked to do. I would like to build a relationship that will help my business be successful. Let me know if you can help.
    You can call me 416 458 0393 or email
    Not really uderstanding the question. Sounds like your saying that if I want to advertise BT200, I should be allowed just because I am a staff member.??? Or if I become a hydro tek dealer I can advertise hydro tek because I am staff. No that just doesn't sound right to me. To allow me to advertise something simply because I am staff is not far to others that aren't staff. Could create a lot of people wanting to be staff just for that privelage. My vote would be NO
    Wass up Doug?

    Considering posting a poll on PWN Staff section.

    "Should exceptions to PWN Rules be made for PWN Staff members?"

    If a PWN Staff member wants to advertise a product on PWN that paid sponsors
    sell also, should we make an exception to PWN Rules and allow that team member
    to advertise product without being a paid sponsor?
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