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    Budget Websites

    Thanks for the kind words guys.
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    Budget Websites

    After another thread posted earlier this week on another forum, I started to crunch some numbers to see what I could do to help those on a budget. This guy was paying $100 a month for a pretty bad site. After some careful thought and some discussion with others, I have come up with an affordable...
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    Just Starting Out

    Another thing to mention, FORGET about the PSI of the machine unless you are trying to cut concrete or steel. You need Gallons Per Minute or GPM. Read some more before you walk the plank because a 2.5 gpm machine will take you 4x longer to do the same job as a 4 gpm machine.
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    how to do the Shiny Sink

    ++++1000 on Barkeepers Friend Safe for glass and fiberglass. You know that soap scum that you want to use your deck stripper on? Well BKF will cut right through it.
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    WARNING!!! Beware of a drop in ranks prior to being contacted about seo services.

    I know that you did not but other readers can take it that way. I do the same thing in any industry. Logging, oil, farming etc. There are good and bad in every industry. It is just sometimes hard to weed out the bad ones and the ones like I posted about give the entire industry a bad name. This...
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    WARNING!!! Beware of a drop in ranks prior to being contacted about seo services.

    Jake, blanket statements like that really tend to piss me off. Pressure washing has some bad apples in the barrel also, but I would never lump everyone together in a blanket statement like that. You can say the same thing about most industries and it simply is not true. I would not be warning...
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    WARNING!!! Beware of a drop in ranks prior to being contacted about seo services.

    I was on a SEO forum today and read a post there that has me concerned for everyone and it also gives SEO companies bad names. Here is the basics of what he is doing to blackmail/extort fees from his potential clients. A little knowledge first, a 301 redirect is a permanent way to tell the...
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    Marketing Service Related Question. Just determining feasibility.

    I am starting up a new service that may be feasible to use for those that want to get more commercial customers. I will be scraping Google Places listings for business and phone numbers. I will then put these phone numbers into an auto dialer and attach a recorded script. Calls will be...
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    1965 Mustang

    That is a nice looking car Mark I was just going to ask if anyone had some old muscle cars. I started a new site that is actually kind of fun and challenging at the same time. Working with some new hosting applications. It still needs some work and the graphics are in the works but I think it...
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    Are you using Facebook to it's full potential?

    I have a friend that is having good success by sending them to the fan page to look at photos of previous work before he arrives for the quote. He tells them "Hey look at our fan page on Facebook for more pictures of our previous work" or something like that. Of course they hit the landing page...
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    Warning Signs

    Doug that is a great idea to draw attention. I had plans to make something like that, but it was going to say "Roof Cleaning in Progress, Watch the magic."
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    Are you using Facebook to it's full potential?

    Just put it in your status and all that have liked the page will get it on their feed. About every other day add a reminder to remember your special etc. It will not show up on the landing page but you want them to like the page and then they will see it. Which thingamajig is that? Is it the...
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    Are you using Facebook to it's full potential?

    Did you run that 4th of July special? Think of the holidays and run specials for them. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day (i.e. end of the season for some) Labor Day, Back to School, Weddings, Graduation Party etc. Surprise your wife for Mothers day. Give dad a break for Fathers day...
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    Salt water residue on windows

    Glad it worked for you. The active ingredient is Oxalic Acid so I don't know if it is straight or mixed with something else but it does not scratch glass. Like Archie said, that stuff cleans just about anything.
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    Are you using Facebook to it's full potential?

    I know that some of you are using Facebook to market to your clients but are you using it to the full potential? As you know, it is easier to sell to customers that you already have and Facebook is a good place to do that. The key is however, not to overdo it. I have seen people that post...