1. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing School Houston Texas

    Check out all our training events coming up for the second part of 2017. Commercial and residential Sales training with myself and Ron Musgraves, hands on training focusing on cleaning techniques and other options available at Call or text me at...
  2. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing School Houston Texas

    Our 2017 schedule for our Pressure Washing School located in Houston Tx is all set. We will continue to have training every month this year, with the exception of February when we hold our annual Industry wide FREE event here in Houston. For registering for our training classes here in Houston...
  3. Doug Rucker

    New Jersey Pressure Washing School

    My Newy Jersey Pressure Washing school at Jracenstein is less than a month away. It will be held at the Jracenstein Facility in East Rutherford New Jersey, September 15th and 16th....for more details and registration information go to Pressure Washing School New Jersey - Pressure Washing...
  4. Doug Rucker Networking Event Milwaukee 2015

    One of my favorite events to attend through the year is the one held in Milwaukee by the Paul, Bill, Andy, and Jessica do a superb job hosting this event and always has some other the best training and net working around. This year it was combined with Tony Evans Mid West...
  5. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing School February 2012

    Clean and Green Solutions will be hosting a Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning "ROOKIE CAMP" for anyone that is considering getting into the pressure cleaning or roof cleaning business or has been in the business for 3 YEARS OR LESS. The school will be held in Houston and begin at 8:00am on...
  6. M.Osterman

    Street Cred

    Here's a website that will give you a certification in less than an hour, easy way to add a level of professionalism to you and your business. Slapp it on your website. Surface Cleaner Training Best, Mike