anybody ever been 2 Hawaii ?

Dan S

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Well wife and I are heading that way in feb for a week or so........We are going to re-new our wedding vows there and check out the island.
We have been married for soon to be 23 years................. This past year was to say the least almost the last one for us, But thankfully we "re-grouped" ..and had tons of talks.......... Seems like everybody ............most of our close friends gave up on marriage for whatever reason in 'o6 .........
And between talking to them it made us grow further apart... dont know why it did but it did. K enuf of dat chit !

Anybody ever visit Hawaii that would like to share some highlights ?

I hope all you married folks out here in in PWN land really take a look at your spouse and make things work for you as we have.


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Sounds like fun! Which island are you going to?

Here is a picture of a spot in Kona.


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Dan S

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Oahu ocean frt. hotel ..............gonna be neat to check out Pearl Harbor and such !!

Scott Stone

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Been there twice. We went for our honeymoon, and then took the whole family last May. Both trips were a blast. The honeymoon was better though...;)

Things to do, You have to do the chopper flight. It is a definite must do in my opinion. The Sub ride is good, too. The scenery on the beach is a good thing. Keep your wife away from teh Gay guys. For what ever reason, they always seem to like my wife and she makes friends with them. THey are a fountain of information.

Chopper FLight (at least a 45 minute flight) $145
Sub $125

You have to go to the pancake house. I will try and find an address, but it is right at the corner where the road from the airport turns from two way to one way. There are also two "Burger in Paradise" places that are good. We went to the one on the beach. The other is in the same building as the Pancake house. (really, you have to try it out)

People watching is always entertaining, especially if you know Japanese.

Pearl Harbor is cool. Go early to beat teh crowds. The USS Missouru is there, too. I did not make it, but I hear it is neat, too, but definitely a guy thing.

Pearl Free
Missouri $8 (I think)

If you go to the polynesian Cultural center, get the standard menu. Not the native one, unless you are really adventurous in you eating habits. They call it the Ambassador buffet.

Ambassador package $115
ALso bring lots of plastic. If you do this stuff, it is pricey.

Flue Steam

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Use Oahu as your base and take a two (minimum) day trip to Kauai. The garden isle is what everyone thinks of when they think of Hawaii. Oahu is like Downtown Los Angeles or New York etc with a beach and a truckload of tourists!

Dan S

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I was checking out the sub ride Scott ,....100 ' down.I gots the wants now..LOL
Another intersting thing was the shark dive ..where they put `ya in the cage and check out the sharks close up.....wife dont wanna do that ..she may have to wait on boat.......And yes the chopper ride........ cant wait for that either would love to checkout the Volcano's . Scott, do you think we
need a rental car? or would it be just as good to get shuttled around from the different vendors? I have been debating on a rental....
another excursion we were looking into was renting couple atv's and exploring the Island like that for a couple hours. Also a day cruise ......... damn Im gonna run outa money HUH? lol

Scott Stone

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If you get a rental car, plan it so that you do not have to use it every day, unless you are planning on going somewhere every day.
As for the ATV's, they rent the little Vespa like scooters all over. If you are going to one of the better hotels, they will have a concierge to help you and a good one will be able to line you up with the best values.
BTW, there are not any active volcanos on Oahu. At least, no one showed us any. You can see Diamondhead which is at the end of Waikiki beach. What is really cool is when you are flying over it in the helicopter, the pilot will show you the little trail to the top inside the volcano.

ANother thing to consider is snorkeling at Hanauma bay. There are other places too. When we went snorkeling not only did we see a million varieties of fish, but my son and I were swimming along and looked over and a turtle was within touching distance of us, pacing us. It was really cool. You can also do the Pineapple plantation. You can do that on the way to the shark cage thing. That is one thing we did not do, and wish we had. When we were there they had a Great White come up on them. It made the news.


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Dan. I feel your pain on the "marriage" thing. My wife and I are currently separated....anyway.

Been there once and would go back in a HEARTBEAT!!

We went to 4 islands. Kuai,Maui,The Big Island and Ohau. Maui was by far our favorite. We really liked the restaurants in the larger resorts on the Kaanapali coast area. Fantastic views and ambiance. The trip up Haleakala mountain to watch the sunrise...very romantic. But our favorite part of Maui was the kodiak tour and riding alongside the Humpback whales. Freakin' amazing! Something you'll never forget. Oh, and I almost forgot. An authentic Luau is kinda' cool too.

Kauai was a beautiful island also. Went on a boat trip on the Na Pali coast. It's where they shot some of the opening sceans for Jurrasic Park. Where all the main characters were on the helicopter coming into the park.

To me, The Big Island (Hawaii) was kinda' boring. Not too much to do. But we did go horseback riding and that's where we took our helicopter ride over the volcanos.

Didn't stay on Ohau too long. But did go to Pearl Harbor, very moving.

Having a rental car on all the islands was convienant. And if you hook it all up before you go it can go rather smooth.

Have a good time.

Dan S

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Grant, that sounds interesting.......thanks for the links

Scott, great idea about rental...think I will only rent as needed (car )

glabarta, .. Hmmmm well bummer to hear about you and your mate... I know one thing it was mighty close for us . Im lucky to have caught it before it got to the big "D" . Been together too long ..heck I may as well keep her to the end !!!
Thanks for the info. on the islands.... I hope you and your wife can work things out....... Wife wanted the whole 9 yards new rings and such..... so I bought her one Which I will give to her on island ( she picked it out but dont know I bought it yet ) .......but since I cant wear one b/c mostly job related ..... I got a tattoo ring damn my finger bled for hours :(......yeah I know kinda lame but it made her happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

few more weeks and I can say GOODBYE to trucking company for awhile.........

Thanks for all the info. and if `ya gots anymore fill free to type it :)

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