Awning cleaning

John Thomas

New Member
I am looking into awning cleaning as an add on.I understand that Delco and Awning Rejuvination both sell videos on awning cleaning.Could anyone tell me which would be the better video to purchase and the quality of training info I can get from the video.
Thank You.I have been PW for apprx 1 yr and I am looking for different avenues.

Dan Flynn

PWN Founder
Hi John,

I am not really sure on the quality of the videos you mentioned, because I have not seen them.

However I have heard that the quality of Delco's videos are some what poor. That does not mean that they are not very informative. Which is the most important.

Considering they have a really good reputation, if you can't decide I would choose them. Or I know that Do it right inc. sells awning training and equipment.

That is what they do for a living. So the odds of them having the best material are probably the best.

Dan Flynn


New Member
I also inquired about awning from Do it Right and they sent me a nice package. If you purchase $1000.00 in supplies or equipment you may attend their 2 day seminar at no charge. From what I've seen and heard from them, they seem to be pros at awnings! They told me to never try to color one no matter what, they don't and have been in biz since 1987. Have a great day!

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