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My company ServiceTask.com that offers different types of field service software and job scheduling software is beginning to do a tweet a day that presents a helpful small business/service business article from good, credible sources.

We already have a bunch of power washers and other service industry businesses following us and many of them have told us how much they like the content. I've posted some of the articles here on the power wash network and actually did a blog post about it. We're also doing the same on facebook !

So if you're interested in some good content on anything from marketing to tips on the latest tech out there, to tips on saving gas follow us @servicetask or like us here on facebook !

We would also be happy to follow you and like your page back to get some good networking going !





I am happy to see your services that you are offering to us.
Well...I visit your shared articles and found the stuff important for me..

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