Fall Safety App: This could save your life!

Ryan Cash

For those of us who walk roofs, climb ladders, or work at heights in general, I want to point you to an app that could save your life, especially if you work alone.

I'll begin by saying, this is not my app and I have no relation to this app or it’s creators. I just have used it for a while and genuinely believe in it and think that we should all have this installed on our phones. I also generally HATE posts that are just promotions of products, but please at least take a look into this:

Fall Safety App

It runs in the background and uses your phones accelerometer to detect falls. If a fall is detected it will alert your phone and give you a minute to respond. If you don’t respond to the alert it will automatically send an alert to your chosen contacts letting them know you fell and, using your phone’s GPS, send them your location. The phone will then play a siren on the speakers so that your help will be able to find you easier.

Many other great features as well that are absolutely worth it. The app is free to set up for one emergency contact and they offer a paid subscription ($6.99/mo) to add more emergency contacts an a 24/7 emergency response call center.

If you routinely work alone on jobs or have employees who you want to keep safe, I highly recommend you download it!

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